“You’ll make more running crypto scams” Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Star Gordon Ryan hilariously taunts Dillon Danis for Tommy Fury callout

Gordon Ryan, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu star, criticized Bellator superstar Dillon Danis for expressing interest in fighting Jake Paul in the future.

Numerous professional boxers and MMA fighters have previously expressed their thoughts on Jake Paul’s boxing abilities, with many questioning whether Jake will be able to hold his own in the ring against true boxers.

On Sunday night, in the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Jake finally faced a professional boxer and was defeated by Tommy Fury, proving many of his doubters right.

What Jake will do next is unknown, but as soon as the fight concluded, Jake and Tommy verbally committed to a possible rematch.

Yet, given Jake’s notoriety and trash-talking abilities, it is safe to anticipate that he will not take the time to plan another grudge match among the numerous enemies he has in the combat sports world.

Dillon Danis, an MMA fighter, has already voiced his desire to fight The Problem Child on several occasions, and given Jake’s most recent setback, odds are strong that Jake will choose someone easier to defeat in order to reclaim his boxing reputation.

Although nothing has been verified, speculation will begin because Jake has not said when or where he will compete next.

Jiu-Jitsu Star Gordon Ryan, however, mocked Dillon for willing to fight Jake by saying, “You’ll make more running crypto scams.” Gordon may not have broken down his statements, but it is understandable that the Brazilian wanted to mean an MMA fighter like Dillon should not be running after money as everyone knows when there is a fight with Jake it means money will be flooded from everywhere. 

Dillon was scheduled to fight another YouTuber KSI at Wembley Arena earlier in January, but FaZe Temperrr grabbed his spot at the last minute. The MMA fighter offered a rematch to KSI which however has not taken place yet. 

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