“Weird blaming your rich uncle” Michael Johnson slams Logan, Jake Paul over ‘Fighter pay’ issue outrages fans

After months of trash-talking, Jake Paul lost the much-anticipated grudge bout against Tommy Fury. Michael Johnson, a UFC fighter, expressed his view on where exactly he believes the Pual brothers lost in Riyadh.

Not only did Jake Paul lose on Sunday night in the Diriyah Arena in the Saudi capital, but also his older brother Logan Paul, a YouTube sensation, lost a sizable wager he had made on his younger brother. Jake was defeated by the British boxer in the eight-round contest, according to the jury’s split decision, with two judges giving Fury scores of 76-73 and one giving Paul a score of 75-74.

Many MMA personalities have provided their thoughts on the fight and Michael Johnson is one of them.  Johnson (22-18-0 MMA), a lightweight competitor in the UFC, expressed his perspective and viewpoint on the fight. According to him, the Paul brothers don’t give a damn about the athletes’ payment.

The Paul brothers previously received support from the MMA world for speaking out on behalf of the fighters’ community to get fair compensation for a fight, but Johnson claims that despite calling themselves “Fighter Pay Activists,” the brothers only care about getting their share of the bargain.

The 36-year-old mixed martial art fighter brought up Logan’s energy drink Prime’s recent deal with the UFC, which might have benefited the MMA fighters, but Logan instead placed an immense bet for his brother, which he lost as Jake was defeated by TNT.

“You guys are clowns and jokes. Funny you guys tried to get support by talking about how bad fighters’ pay is. How many fighters were included in that shit drink deal? Don’t worry I will wait….. Go back to you’re content house and make videos.” said Johnson in his tweets. 

Do you agree with Menace’s assessment of the Paul brothers?


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