YouTube partners with F1 to Livestream Nurburgring Race across Europe

For the first time in Grand Prix history, Youtube will be live-streaming an entire Formula One race. The Eifel GP, scheduled on October 11, will be telecasted live in select European nations through YouTube.

The seven countries to enjoy this perk are the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Not only the main race, but everything from qualification to practice session will be broadcasted in Formula One’s YouTube channel.

The F1 TV live streaming platform couldn’t make a name for itself. It was having persistent issues, including glitches during Livestream and unavailability in markets like the UK. So, the company was exploring a brand new way to distribute content.

The announcement came from F1 on the day before the British GP takes place. F1’s digital media rights head, Adam Crothers, confirmed the news about the deal to the media.

Mr. Crothers said, “We are thrilled to be working with YouTube on such an exciting project.” He further added, “As we continue to diversify our media distribution strategy and expand our digital offering, it is imperative that we engage fans who consume mediums differently, and YouTube offers us the platform to achieve that.”

Tomos Grace, the head of sports for YouTube Europe, also expressed his excitement for this new deal. He said, “YouTube helps sport reach the fans of tomorrow.”

“F1 has always been one of the most innovative brands in sport, as dynamic in its video creation as they are on track. F1’s decision to live stream their most premium content on YouTube is further evidence of YouTube’s role as a trusted partner to the industry.”

This one-of-a-kind collaboration builds upon a strong partnership YouTube, and F1 has established over the years. The motorsport company has almost 4 million subscribers on its YouTube channel, and the number is growing with time.

YouTube has been the hub for online Formula One communities. There are hundreds of channels covering F1 related news and contents. Motorsport brand’s own channel shares behind-the-scenes videos and podcast interviews. Even drivers like Max Verstappen and Nico Rosberg have their own channels.

As of now, this decision seems like a masterstroke from Formula One Group. Now, we’ll have to wait and see how fans respond to this.

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