Alphonso Davies injury update: Bayern Munich star defender is confident about his comeback to the pitch following a minor heart condition diagnosis

German giant FC Bayern Munich recently clinched their 10th successive Bundesliga title and Canadian star left-back Alphonso Davies, 21, was one of their key players during the last campaign.

However, the fans of the Bavarian club became disheartened after knowing Alphonso Davies’ injury update which resulted in the Canadian’s absence for heart-related issues and forced him out of the club’s training in recent times.

Why is Alphonso Davies panicking over his heart conditions?

The Canadian star player successfully put his homeland on the map at the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar later this year, but his club season was cut short by a case of myocarditis, and he now acknowledges that he has anxieties over a possible comeback.

Alphonso Davies, a standout player for Bayern Munich, reveals that after being diagnosed with a heart issue, he was worried that his playing days were gone, but he is eager to succeed now that he is back on the field.

Alphonso Davies going out of field due to injury

After a match against Covid-19 in the previous season, the Bundesliga player was sidelined before contracting myocarditis, and since then the medical board has been critically observing Davies for potential infections.

Why is Myocarditis a serious issue for a footballer?

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart’s muscles, particularly of the myocardium, the heart’s main layer, which can affect the heart’s electrical system alongside cells of the muscles.

This heart-related disease can cause a long-term effect for a soccer player because it significantly reduces the “Running Power” of an athlete, which could result in poor performance.

Apart from causing an unstable heart condition, myocarditis could trigger virus-related injuries for the footballers, which might result in an immune reaction and restricts autoantibodies.

Since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, myocarditis has become a common disease amongst hard-working footballers, and Alphonso Davies’ injury update reminded us again of its severity across the globe.


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