Amid Patrick Mahomes’ Coyotes controversy, Phoenix Sports employee suggests Chiefs QB to focus on keeping Jackson “out of jail”

In the world of sports, controversies, and rivalries are not limited to the playing field. Sometimes, they spill over into the realm of social media, where athletes and fans engage in heated exchanges. One such incident recently involved Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, and a Phoenix Sports employee, Makayla Perkins

Mahomes faced criticism and a reminder of his brother’s arrest on charges of aggravated sexual battery after he suggested that the Arizona Coyotes should move to Kansas City and play at the T-Mobile Center.

Patrick Mahomes’ controversial statement regarding the Arizona Coyotes

Patrick Mahomes

Following a rejected vote in Tempe, Arizona, which halted the Coyotes’ plans to construct a $2.3 billion entertainment district, including a new arena, Mahomes took to Twitter and wrote: “KC Coyotes has a nice ring to it! @NHL, what do you think? @tmobilecenter.”

The quarterback was suggesting the team move to Kansas City Chiefs as the team has been struggling to find a spot for a long time. 

Phoenix Sports employee’s brutal Jackson Mahomes reminder 

Numerous Arizona fans, including Makayla Perkins, the social media director at Phoenix Sports, criticized Mahomes for his suggestion and also brought up Jackson’s legal issues. Jackson is under arrest because of aggravated sexual battery charges

Perkins replied to Mahomes on Twitter, stating, “Maybe you should focus on keeping your little brother out of jail and less on our team.”

Additionally, Perkins changed her Twitter profile picture to a meme depicting her holding up a peace sign near a gravestone that read: “KC Fans.”

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes’ suggestion for Coyotes had nothing to do with his brother’s arrest. This incident serves as a stark reminder that athletes, despite their fame and success, are not immune to the consequences of their actions or those of their loved ones.

While it is natural for fans and employees to voice their opinions, it is crucial to strike a balance between expressing criticism and respecting boundaries.

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