Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni declares Lionel Messi the GOAT following stunning victory vs Croatia in World Cup semi-finals

Lionel Scaloni, the Argentina boss, has huge admiration for Lionel Messi. After Messi’s glorious performance in the semi-final against Croatia, Scaloni went berserk at praising the magic man. He has no doubt over who is the best player on the planet, it’s always been Messi, it has to be him.

Lionel Messi is like a boy from next door who performs like a God. Yes! He is that simple in day-to-day life yet the fiercest with the ball under his feet. He can make defenders dance, he can shiver opponents, he can dribble, he can break defense simply with a pass and he can score.

Hold on! How can someone describe Sirius, the brightest in a few words?  Messi is undeniably the “GOAT”. He is the music that reverbs along ears the whole day long, always pleasant, always pulsating and always special.

Scaloni agrees with what the rest of the world believes. “Sometimes it may appear that we only say that as Argentinians, but I have no doubt [he’s the best],” he told reporters following the match.

Lionel Scaloni, of course, considers himself extremely fortunate to have the fortress as Messi on his team. At the post match show he further added, “Every time he plays it’s a huge source of motivation for his team-mates. There’s nothing left to say about Messi, it’s a privilege to have him.”

When asked about the win he said, “It is emotional and our people support us in a way which is unforgettable. We are making history.”

Lionel Messi has nothing to prove to anyone, but there is a trophy to be won. Without the “World Cup” silverwing, the great man’s cabinet is incomplete. He’ll be ready to face the winner of France vs. Morocco in the final on Sunday accomplishing his mission.

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