‘The penalty changed everything’ Luka Modric slams referee’s decision after Croatia’s crushing defeat vs Argentina in World Cup semi-final

Luka Modric is not pleased with his team’s loss to Argentina in the semi-finals. If the Argentine barrier was overcome, he and Croatia would be in the final for the second time in a row. However, he appeared astonished by some of the decisions made by the referee on the field.

The game was officiated by Daniel Orsato, an Italian veteran referee. The game inevitably continued in a good rhythm until a 34th-minute penalty was called. Julian Alvarez appeared to have scored, but his first touch let him down, and it emerged that he collided with the keeper rather than the keeper pushing him.

Lionel Messi converted from the spot after Orsato awarded the penalty. The game exploded at that point, and Croatia never recovered. Modric seemed to be dissatisfied with the decision.

“It wasn’t to be, but hey, we have to recover and try to win the match for third place. We’re sad, we wanted to be in another final. We have to congratulate Argentina,” Modric told in his post-match press conference.

The Madridista was not happy over two ‘key’ decisions if not many including the penalty.

“We were fine, controlling the game and this corner that the referee didn’t give us and the penalty, which for me wasn’t one, changed everything. The Argentine shoots and collides with our goalkeeper, he goes for him, I can’t believe he gave that penalty.”

“This changes the game a bit. But we can’t change it, we have to recover and try to win the next game.”

Modric believes that representing Croatia is the most prestigious honor for him, and that winning bronze is not a failure.

“We have had a great World Cup and now there is bronze at stake in the game and we have to prepare ourselves, because if we get it it is also a good success,” he said.

He wished Lionel Messi and his teammates luck in the final against France or Morocco. He also stated that Messi is the greatest player in the game and that he deserves to win the World Cup this year.

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