“Begging to fly me out” Timberwolves’ SG Anthony Edwards exposed trying to fly out IG model while in relationship

As adolescent men, we can feel the masculine urge to get close to women, even if we have someone special. The Minnesota Timberwolves young shooting guard Anthony Edwards must have felt the same need, but he got it under control.

The Timberwolves picked Anthony as the overall first pick in the 2020 NBA draft, but they didn’t expect the rookie to turn out to be so explosive. Later in that season, he was named the rookie of the year, which was highly anticipated by NBA fans.

Due to his fiery performance, he earned a huge amount of money, which inevitably brought him more fame and women. But he has a girlfriend, which made the allegation more dramatic.

What did Anthony Edwards do?

In the game against the Houston Rockets at Target Center, Edwards scored a season-high 44 points with six rebounds and four assists, which was the influential difference in that win. The point guard would later dedicate this performance to his girlfriend, saying, “I had to put on a show for my girlfriend.”

But the following day, an Instagram model named Sophia Da Stallion claimed she was approached by the 21-year-old athlete. “But was begging to fly me out,” she tweeted.

Her accusation instantly went viral, instigating numerous speculations regarding the NBA professional. Still, no reaction or statement was provided by Anthony or his girlfriend, so we assume the youngster is preoccupied with her girlfriend following the tweet.

Edwards has had a quite decent season so far, scoring on average 24.3 points with six rebounds and 4.4 assists per game in 49 appearances. This will be his third successive season with the Timberwolves, and he needs to go a long way to become a memorable player in the NBA.

His team, the Timberwolves, is the ninth seed in the Western Conference and faces stiff competition to secure a playoff spot in the postseason. Anthony Edwards should concentrate on his team’s performance rather than some Instagram model on a testosterone high.


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