“Bruh getting paid to stay quiet” NFL fans react to Damar Hamlin refusing to answer question about his cardiac arrest during game vs Bengals

Concerns have been raised about Hamlin’s true condition since he first showed signs of recovery, and his newest interview with Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan is no exception. On January 2, the NFL world was shaken to its core when Buffalo Bills star Hamlin, 24, collapsed during Monday Night Football.

Fortunately, his recovery in the weeks since has been nothing short of extraordinary – maybe too spectacular for some. Strahan questioned Hamlin about what occurred, asking: “You’re 24, peak physical condition … how did doctors describe what happened to you?”

Hamlin, on the other hand, was hesitant to reply, saying, “Ummm, that’s something I’m going to stay away from.”

He was then asked if he’s experienced any heart issues since, to which he responded: “Honestly, no. I’ve always been a healthy, young, fit, energetic human being. It was something that we’re still processing and still talking through with my doctors just to see what everything was.”

And there was no shortage of theories as to “what everything was” on Twitter, with the majority of responses pointing to one supposed cause.

One person commented: “The pause from Damar Hamlin tells you everything you need to know.”The docs told him it was the jab but the NFL have told him to shut it. Come on sheep, wake the f up.”

Another said: “He’ll probably never play again, but maybe he doesn’t know it yet. It’s unfortunate his silence was bought.”

While one simply responded: “He knows it’s the jab. We know it’s the jab. His family knows it is the jab and you know them all talking amongst themselves. People will come around slowly…”

It will only be a matter of time before Hamlin answers these theories. He previously reacted to conspiracy theorists that claimed that his appearance in the Bills’ playoff game versus the Bengals was a body double while wearing a mask, sweatshirt, and sunglasses.

Hamlin, on the other hand, took to TikTok to disprove this claim. “Where is Damar Hamlin?” a streamer asks in the video. The shot then cuts to Hamlin’s house, where he enters and shouts “BOO!” He’s also previously tweeted a photo of himself next to his Buffalo artwork, captioned “Clone.”


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  1. He sold his soul! Anythings possible. All these people know what they are doing people need to get woke! That jacket he wore to the superbowl explained everything real clear just another minon I prayed for while he was ok all along smh!


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