Callum Smith reflects on crushing loss to Artur Beterbiev: “I’m not the best in the world”

Callum Smith, former WBA (Super) and The Ring super middleweight champion, has now fallen down the ranks and is disappointed with himself for not being the best fighter in the world anymore. He seems to be disheartened after his last fight.

Smith, who has dominated in the boxing ring for years, was left in shock after his fight against Artur Beterbiev. His comments after the fight have saddened the boxing community. He has had an illustrious career, but his future in the sport is doubtful.

Callum Smith talks about defeat to Artur Beterbiev

Callum Smith faced Artur Beterbiev for the WBO, IBF and WBC light-heavyweight titles on January 13. After losing his titles earlier against Canelo Alvarez in the middleweight division, he had a chance to become World Champion in two different divisions but couldn’t get past Beterbiev. The fight stopped in the 7th round when Beterbiev knocked Smith out.

Smith wasn’t pleased with himself and was disheartened by the loss. He was asked about his future after the defeat, to which he replied that he will be spending more time with his family. He highlighted the part of his career when he was the world champion and also shared his dream to become a two-division champion.

Callum said, “I’m gonna spend some time with my family and see what the future holds. I don’t know, I’ve had a good career, been a world champion, been top of the mountain. I’ve given a lot to boxing over the years. I need to sit down and assess what goals I still want to achieve. I wanted to be a two-division world champion, but I’ve come up short tonight. It’s hard to accept that I’m not the best in the world. I’ll have to sit and assess what the future holds.”

Callum Smith boxing resume

Callum Smith had a significant career in which he ascended to the top and remained there for a time, becoming a force to be reckoned with. Won the WBC, IBF, WBA, and The Ring Middleweight titles.

Callum Smith
Callum Smith Credits: Getty Images

Unbeaten until his 28th fight, when he was defeated by Canelo Alvarez. He has a 29-2 record and has won 21 of his 29 fights by knockout, which is a significant number.

After his defeat to Alvarez, he stepped up the weight class and moved to the light-heavyweight division where he fought three fights including his fight against Artur, he won 2 out of these three and got a chance to be the World Champion in two different divisions only in his third fight in the division but couldn’t achieve this record. Overall, one can say that Callum Smith has had a very successful career.


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