Can Tyson Fury beat Jon Jones & Francis Ngannou? Gypsy King expresses desire to fight former and current UFC champs on same night

Recently, heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has thrown down the gauntlet to UFC stars Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou, presenting them with an audacious challenge. Not content with facing just one opponent, the charismatic British boxer has set his sights on a remarkable feat.

This time he has claimed to take on both MMA fighters on the same night. Such an extraordinary event would undoubtedly captivate fight fans around the world, providing a spectacle of epic proportions.

Fury, known for his outspoken nature, has been engaging in verbal sparring with both Jones and Francis in recent weeks. However, he has now escalated the rivalry by proposing a unique and unprecedented proposition that would push his limits like never before.

Tyson Fury feud with Jon Jones

The buzz surrounding a potential showdown between Tyson and Jones has taken the town by storm. The spark ignited when UFC color commentator Joe Rogan voiced his confidence in the reigning UFC heavyweight champion’s ability to effortlessly triumph over ‘The Gypsy King’ in a fight. Naturally, Fury took offense to Rogan’s stance.

Expressing his discontent on social media, the current WBC heavyweight champion boldly declared that there wasn’t a living soul capable of defeating him.

However, to the disappointment of many fans, it seems that a Fury vs. Jones matchup would not materialize as an MMA or kickboxing bout. Instead, Tyson extended an invitation to Jones, stating that he would be open to a fight under boxing rules.

Tyson Fury

While the prospect of a cross-discipline clash may not be in the cards, the tantalizing possibility of witnessing Fury and Jones square off in the boxing ring still captivates the imaginations of fight enthusiasts worldwide.

As the discussion continues to gain momentum, fans eagerly await further developments and the potential realization of a high-stakes showdown between two formidable champions.

In a video shared by esteemed sports journalist Michael Benson, the ‘Gypsy King’ can be heard expressing his intentions:

“Here’s a thought, how about this. How about I fight Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou on the same night. How about that? That’s how much I value them two bums. Get up! Let’s go boys.”

Fury’s audacious challenge has sent shockwaves through the combat sports world, igniting fervent discussions among fans and pundits alike. While the logistics and feasibility of such an event are yet to be determined.

Tyson Fury feud with Francis Ngannou

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis has consistently voiced his desire to step into the boxing ring with Tyson Fury, even during his tenure in the UFC.

Tyson Fury speaks at a press conference

However, recent developments have paved the way for this highly anticipated clash. Ngannou has recently inked a fresh contract with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), granting him the flexibility to engage in a boxing match independent of his existing contractual obligations.

Responding to Francis’s new agreement, ‘The Gypsy King’ confidently declared himself as the ‘Ultimate Man on Earth’ and expressed his firm belief that he could offer Ngannou the most demanding bout of his career. Fury affirmed that he possesses the necessary skills and tenacity to push Francis to his absolute limits.

The mere idea of witnessing the Gypsy King stepping into the octagon and the boxing ring against two formidable opponents in a single night is enough to generate widespread excitement.

It’s unlikely we will actually see Fury box against both Jon and Ngannou on the same night. However, if such arrangements were made, how do you see the fights playing out? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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