Chelsea flop Hakim Ziyech set to join Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia, Al Nassar president ready to visit London to close deal

Some transfers made a great impact on a player’s career while some just spoil their career and now it is happening with the Moroccan superstar, Hakim Ziyech. This kind of situation can happen to any player’s life. We have already seen so many flop transfers in soccer. 

One of the best examples is Belgium’s star player Eden Hazard. During his time in Chelsea, he was a superstar. His dribbling, skills, goal scoring ability was at the top level at that time.

Later in 2019, he joined Real Madrid with a transfer fee of 150 million Euros. But sad thing happened in soccer, and after that, we never see the old Hazard. Injuries just keep catching him and never left, and it is treated as a flop transfer in soccer.

Again history repeats itself, it is the same club Chelsea but this time the story is a bit different. A true football fan understands which Chelsea player it is. Yes, you are right it’s Hakim Ziyech.

How did Hakim Ziyech perform in Chelsea?

Back in 2020 from Dutch club Ajax, Chelsea signed a Moroccan winger with a transfer fee of 33.3 million euro. At Ajax, Ziyech was at his prime. His dribbling, passing and goal-scoring skills were at a different level.

After his signing to Chelsea, everyone thought he would become a major player for the club after Hazard left the previous year. However in the end he turned out to be a flop transfer. 

In his first season at the EPL, he managed to score just 2 goals and 3 assists from 23 appearances. Later in the next two seasons he only manage to score 4 goals and 6 assists from 41 appearances in the EPL. 

Hakim Ziyech

During his time in Chelsea, he played 33 UCL matches and scored only 3 goals and 0 assists. However, he won the Champions League in 2021 with Chelsea. Altogether his performance never matched the expectations. 

He played as a substitute in most of the Chelsea matches. He made 102 appearances for the club in 3 seasons most of the matches he comes on as a substitute. His passing and dribbling skills never reach the height. 

In the January transfer window this season he almost join PSG on the deadline day but to the wrong paper submissions from Chelsea and the deal did not take place.  

Should Hakim Ziyech move to Saudi or stay in Europe?

After his joining Chelsea he would not able to meet the expectations and last season due to lack of playing time, he is set to leave the club this transfer window. He is not the plan of the new Chelsea coach as well.

So Cristiano Ronaldo’s club Al-Nassar is looking to sign the player and will try to offer him a big money salary. At present, it also comes into a frame that Chelsea flop is ready to leave the club and will join Al-Nassar alongside Cristiano. 

The news also comes forward that the Al-Nassar owner will go to London to finalize the deal.

Hakim Ziyech is a quality player just at the age of 30 will he leave Europe, so what do you think about this transfer? share your opinion in the comment section below. 


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