Chiefs star Travis Kelce upgrades to $6 million mansion amid Taylor Swift romance

Since the day rumors of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship started circulating, everyone has claimed that Travis is the best person on Taylor’s dating list. Fans believe that Travis is better than all of her exes and the eight-time Pro Bowl winner is working hard to prove all these claims right.

According to recent reports, Travis has made a $6 million real estate investment just to get more privacy with Taylor. The Chiefs tight end is now upgrading his living situation just to spend more time with his pop star girlfriend.

Travis Kelce buys lavish mansion in Kansas City

Travis Kelce recently purchased a mansion in Kansas City. The mansion is reported to have cost $6 million and is located in a gated community. According to the reports, the sports star finalized the property deal on Tuesday. 

The luxurious mansion boasts six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and an impressive 16,000 square feet of living space. It also has amenities like a waterfall, a swimming pool and a mini golf course. The mansion is the epitome of comfort and luxury.

Reportedly, the reason Travis has upgraded his house is to get more privacy with Taylor. His previous residence was more open to the public eye, allowing paparazzi to photograph anyone entering or leaving his house.

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Therefore, the tight end has purchased this mansion, which is located in a gated community, allowing Travis and his guests to enjoy more privacy.

The tight end has solely bought this mansion without any financial contribution from Taylor Swift. It is not a big deal for the tight end to purchase this luxurious mansion, given his massive earnings. He has made over $77 million in his NFL career, including a $14 million annual salary and a four-year contract worth approximately $57 million signed in 2020.

His endorsement deals with companies like Pfizer, State Farm, Hy-Vee, and Experian also contribute to his earnings. However, the only reason he decided to upgrade his house now is his blooming relationship with Taylor Swift and a need for more privacy. 

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce reportedly spent weekend together

TMZ reported that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will spend the weekend together. It wasn’t confirmed whether they’d spend the time together in New York or somewhere else.

Travis played for the Chiefs on Thursday, after which he was free on the weekend and Taylor also had no work commitment for the weekend which led to the speculation that they must have spent the weekend together.

In the past few weeks, Taylor and Travis have been spending a lot of time together. Taylor attended many games of the Chiefs just to support Travis Kelce. The couple was also spotted together in a local club with Taylor’s arms around Travis’ neck. 

The tight end also visited Taylor’s apartment and the couple went for dinner together and then they made surprise SNL appearance. Fans are loving this newly blooming relationship and are looking forward to more public appearances of the couple. 

Travis Kelce
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Swifties and Chiefs fans are already in love with this new couple, calling Taylor and Travis the ‘Royal Couple’ of America. Travis’ recent purchase of a lavish mansion just to spend more time with Taylor and their repeated public appearances are further fueling media attention and speculation about their relationship.

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