Claudio Reyna resigns as Austin FC director with family engaged in USMNT controversy

Claudio Reyna, the father of Borussia Dortmund superstar Giovanni Reyna, has stepped down as a sporting director of MLS side Austin FC in a controversial manner.

Gregg Berhalter, manager of the USA Men’s team has had a poor relationship with the Reyna family and that fueled up the situation after Claudio threatened him during the World Cup 2022.

Berhalter has a bitter past with Giovanni Reyna’s mother at an early age where the former was marked as an oppressor to Gio’s mother.

Giovanni Reyna only played 53 minutes for the USA during their four games and the father of the upcoming star, former USA captain, Claudio was fumed at this kind of behavior from the manager.

However, the manager denied all the reports claiming a rift that made Reyna out of his favor and expressed, he was not happy with the Dortmund star player’s attitude and lack of commitment in the training ground.

After a long speculation, Austin FC Owner and CEO Anthony Precourt has finally came up to confront the Claudio Reyna controversy and said, “We’re grateful for Claudio’s contributions to both our club and our community”.

“Claudio has been committed to the cause of building a club that inspires Austin, and he will remain in a position to contribute to our organization.”- Precourt further added.

Claudio Reyna was appointed as Austin FC director back in 2019 and the American felt proud of his role at the club.

“I am grateful that Anthony and the organization have given me the opportunity to scale back my role and responsibilities while continuing to contribute to the success of a club that I love,”- Claudio said earlier to his appointment.

“I take great pride in what we have accomplished but am looking forward to a less all-consuming work pace that still permits me to assist ongoing club development.”- he further added.

USA manager Berhalter has a contract with the US men’s team until mid-2023 and it will be a matter to monitor if the authority will extend his contract or not.


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