Colby Covington hails Conor McGregor’s leadership qualities amid government investigations

Conor McGregor is once again making headlines, but this time it’s not for his MMA endeavors or controversies related to the sport. Fellow UFC mates have come out in support of what McGregor is currently involved in or may be seeking right now.

Recently, Francis Ngannou defended Conor on one of the YouTube shows for his ground game. In the main event of UFC 296, fighters applauded the skills of the former lightweight champion. However, this time, the fighter is receiving recognition not for MMA skills but for contributing to the betterment of the country.

Covington applauds McGregor as a fantastic leader

As everyone knows, Conor McGregor is in talks about entering politics. Recently, he has been in the news for his involvement in Ireland’s politics, making suggestions on what his government can offer.

Taking this into consideration, many have applauded him for the services he has offered. Not just fans, but guys like Colby Covington, who was looking for the fight against McGregor, gave credit to his leadership.

Interviewer asked Colby about his views on McgGregor’s desire to be president, he replied, “yeah I think Conor would be a great leader. I think that he has a lot of those leadership World Championship qualities.”

Covington aligns his ideology with McGregor’s regarding freedom, stating, “So I and he believes in Freedom which is most important so I respect Connor so much because of how much he cares about his people and how much he wants freedom for his people.”

Conor McGregor faces police scrutiny over Dublin unrest.

McGregor made remarks on how bad impact current government’s policy and rules on Ireland. Due to this, several events unfolded in Ireland, leading to an investigation of the former UFC champion by authorities.

As riots occurred on Dublin’s streets, officials issued a statement suggesting that McGregor’s tweet may have provoked the riots. In response, the 35-year-old asserted that the government was hiding the actual truth.

Colby, too, didn’t shy away from mentioning the riots that happened on Ireland’s soil. Covington said, “He doesn’t want to see his people being killed in the streets and the streets of Island being burned. So you know I sympathize with Connor.”

McGregor has also been away from the UFC cage for a long time already and if this investigation leads to serious repercussions then he may face trouble in making his comeback to the UFC octagon again.


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