Colin Cowherd claims Jordan Poole needs to move out of Warriors star Steph Curry’s shadow for more game time

FOX Sports analyst Colin Cowherd has suggested that the reason for Jordan Poole inconsistency and lack of form may not necessarily be his individual talent or attitude, but rather the way in which he is being utilized within the Golden State Warriors’ system. Cowherd believes that Poole needs to be the “man” rather than the “guy subbing in for the man” to truly flourish and achieve his potential.

The Warriors’ system is demanding and structured, and it requires a certain level of smart and intuitive play to succeed. Loose players like D’Angelo Russell struggled to fit in with the team’s philosophy, and Cowherd believes that Poole may be experiencing similar difficulties. However, he also believes that Poole would thrive in a different environment where he could take on a larger role and be the primary scoring option for the team.

When playing alongside Stephen Curry, Poole averages 16 points per game, but without him, he averages 26 points per game. This suggests that Poole may be more effective and comfortable when he is given more freedom to operate and express himself on the court. Cowherd argues that Poole has the talent to be a 25 PPG player for most teams in the league if he is allowed to be the focal point of the offense.

Poole’s struggles have been evident throughout the season, and he has even been relegated to the bench during the playoffs due to his poor form and inconsistencies. Cowherd believes that Poole needs to move out of Curry’s shadow and find a team where he can be the star player and lead the team in scoring. This would not only allow Poole to showcase his abilities but would also help him to regain his confidence and form.

As the Warriors currently trail 3-1 against the Lakers in the playoffs, Poole’s performances will be under intense scrutiny, and his ability to bounce back from his struggles will be crucial if the Warriors are to turn the series around. Perhaps a change of scenery and a larger role could be the solution to Poole’s struggles and could help him to realize his potential as a top scorer in the league.

The Dilemma of Jordan Poole: A Thorn in the Golden State Warriors’ Pursuit of Success

The Golden State Warriors have been struggling to achieve their desired level of success this season, and signs of their cracks appeared even before the season began. The altercation between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole, which resulted in Green punching Poole in the face, remains unexplained, and its impact on Poole’s performance is uncertain.

It is evident that the Warriors need a significant shift in their performance to improve their chances of success. Poole’s role in the team is pivotal, and if he fails to rise to the occasion in the upcoming game, serious questions will be raised about his value to the team.

Despite being a member of the Golden State Warriors and receiving a substantial salary, Poole’s lack of defensive prowess has become a persistent issue. His failure to assume his responsibilities on the defensive end is a cause for concern, and it remains to be seen what impact he will make in the future if he does not address this issue.

While Poole may have the opportunity to demonstrate his abilities next season, his current situation presents a dilemma for the Golden State Warriors. It is imperative that Poole steps up and contributes to the team’s success, or the Warriors will need to explore other options to achieve their goals.


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