Colin Cowherd reveals top 10 NBA players under pressure in the playoffs

The NBA playoffs’ first round is starting tonight with the game of Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets at Wells Fargo Center, and NBA analyst Colin Cowherd has felt the high intensity among the players.

The playoffs don’t give a second chance to professionals if they lose their rhythm once. and with the demand of a championship, this stage has given the real opportunity in a season. Normally, there will be pressure on the players, especially if they are stars.

In the latest episode of The Herd, Colin shared his top 10 picks for the players under the most pressure.

Top Ten under pressure players in NBA Playoffs

1. Joel Embiid

The 76ers star will have to prove his worth once again to extend their dominance in the league. Coming from the third seed, they will take the lid off of playoff drama against the Nets.

NBA playoffs
Joel Embiid

2. Jaylen Brown

The Boston Celtics will play against the qualified Atlanta Hawks, and their 26-year-old star, Brown, has a lot to offer. The Celtics finished the season second in the Eastern Conference, and their dynamic roster couldn’t be fulfilled tonight at TD Garden except for him.

NBA playoffs
Jaylen Brown

3. Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles superstar has spent a handful of time recovering from injury this season while the other superstar, Lebron James, pulled them through the whole season. Now it’s Davis‘ time to show his dominant display, as well as the fact that the Lakers have come all the way from 13th place in the last couple of months.

NBA playoffs
Anthony Davis

4. Nikola Jokic

The last two-time MVP winner has already proven his ability to lead the Denver Nuggets to victory. Running for the third time as MVP while getting the Nuggets as the first seed in the Western Conference, his game against the Timberwolves might be tricky.

NBA Playoffs
Nikola Jokic

5. James Harden

Alongside Embiid, the 76ers have another scoring machine in their guard James Harden. The veteran shooter has shown proficiency in marksmanship in the regular season, but he has yet to prove his caliber in NBA playoffs.

NBA Playoffs
James Harden

6. Ja Morant

The notorious Memphis star, Ja Morant, has no problem delivering on the court, but this time their opponent is the rejuvenated Lakers. They have a struggling record against the Lakers despite being one of the most consistent teams in the league.

NBA Playoffs
Ja Morant

7. Kawhi Leonard

The 31-year-old Clippers star has another chance to show his defensive and offensive prowess in the playoffs. But for the Clippers, he had to carry most of the weight, and against the Phoenix Suns, he had to perform his best to take a win.

NBA Playoffs
Kawhi Leonard

8. Chris Paul

The veteran NBA star has earned his fair share of accomplishments during his 18-year career, and he has one spot left in his showcase: the NBA championship trophy. At the later stage of his career, the point guard for the Suns is still delivering, and they have a solid chance with a promising roster.

NBA Playoffs
Chris Paul

9. Russell Westbrook

Like CP3, another Clippers star, Russell Westbrook, has an unfulfilled desire to keep the trophy high. Alongside Leonard, he can deliver another venomous performance against the Suns.

NBA Playoffs
Russell Westbrook

10. Kevin Durant

It seems the Clippers vs. Suns game has produced extra interest for Cowherd, as he named another Suns star, Kevin Durant, to his list. It’s nothing new for Durante to carry the pressure and deliver. He had done it a couple of times in his career, and now it’s his chance to do it for another team, the Suns.

NBA Playoffs
Kevin Durant

How would you rate the list? Who would you include on the list of the most under-pressured players in NBA playoffs? Leave your opinions in the comment section.

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