Cristiano Ronaldo’s major donations over the years

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably one of the best players in the football world with his extraordinary skills during matches and emphatic representation of personality off the field. 

Ronaldo is one of the most well-known and accomplished soccer players in modern time and he has a long record of sporting achievements as a player like five time Ballon D’or winner but many people are unaware of his humanitarian activities for numerous social causes.

Apart from being an elite sports professional, CR7 also established himself as a renowned contributor for the betterment of the distressed people across the globe with affiliations with notable organizations like Save The Children, World Vision and UNICEF.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s donation activities can be found on all parts of the world, and rumors are that he often donates secretly or requests the receiving authority not to mention his name in public.

Ronaldo’s Remarkable Donations & Contributions

One of the most notable contribution made by the Portuguese superstar was seen in 2009, two years after his mother recovered from an major heart disease (in 2007) in a Portugal hospital to which CR7 donated £1,000,000.   

In 2020, Cristiano along with his agent Jorge Mendes donated £1,800,000 to three hospitals in his home country Portugal to fight with the severity of Covid-19. 

C. Ronaldo also contributed to the betterment of children in various war torn countries like Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and also met with a number of physically challenged fans around the world on different occasions over the year. 

Ronaldo also took a pay cut in 2020 for few months that costed him a massive £3,800,000 in the same year as his former club, Juventus was struggling along with other clubs since the beginning of the pandemic.

Upon qualifying for the Euro 2020 (held on 2021 for the pandemic), CR7 urged all of his national teammates to donate their qualifying bonus to charities and another star Bernardo Silva confirmed that by saying, “And he gave us the idea let’s donate part of our bonus, so I think our national team, our players will donate 50 per cent of our qualifying bonus.

The Manchester United superstar is also famous as a regular blood donor and this made him a tattoo free player like Karim Benzema.       


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