Cristiano Ronaldo once made a £100,000 donation to the hospital that saved his mother’s life after diagnosed with breast cancer

From a distant island of Portugal to the biggest stage of football, Cristiano Ronaldo has made a long yet successful journey to reach this level. 

The Portuguese Super Star, 37, is considered as one of the greatest footballers to ever grace the footballing world for his envious stamina and extraordinary performances. 

Apart from his on field brilliant performance, CR7 regularly engages in social and charitable works globally for the betterment of the society and some of his notable involvements include serving as the ambassador for organizations UNICEF, Save the Children and World Vision.

Manchester United striker Ronaldo was also seen showing tributes to many distressed children who suffered from severe sickness or other physical issues. He once contributed £100,000 to a hospital at his hometown Madeira in 2009; that reportedly saved the life of his mother, Maria Dolores, in 2007.     

According to the local news agency, Maria Dolores had an ischemic stroke when she was in Madeira, which is the most common form of stroke and is caused by a blood clot that stops or plugs a blood artery in the brain. Ronaldo then rushed to see her from Manchester right after that stroke. 

Madeira Hospital’s Director of the cancer charity, Isabel Aguiar, verified Cristiano’s donation by quoting, “I believe he made the gift because of his mother Dolores.” She also added that, “It is the first donation he has given us. We were expecting it because he told us at the end of last year that he would do it.”

Isabel Aguiar further told the media that the hospital authority would utilize the donation for constructing new patient facilities and said, “We are going to build a small center in the garden of the Hospital Central, to give support to cancer patients.” 


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