“Damn…shots fired!”: Fans go wild as UFC legend Nate Diaz accuses Jake Paul using “steroids” ahead of boxing bout

In a recent Twitter post, Nate Diaz, a well-known professional mixed martial artist, made a serious allegation against Jake Paul, an internet personality turned boxer.

Diaz claimed that Paul had been using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) leading up to their highly anticipated boxing match, set to take place on August 5th in Dallas.

As a result of these accusations, Nate has called for a change in the rule-set of the bout, presumably in an effort to ensure a fair fight. It remains to be seen how these accusations will impact the upcoming match between the two fighters.

“12 rounds. Ur on steroids so let’s put that shit to work 👊🏼”

Given Diaz’s reputation for getting stronger as a fight goes on, it is not surprising that he is demanding changes to the rule-set in his upcoming bout with Jake Paul.


Diaz, a seasoned triathlete from Stockton, has demonstrated remarkable endurance throughout his UFC career, earning him the moniker of having one of the best “gas tanks” in the sport.

However, Diaz’s preparation for the fight may have taken a hit after he was involved in a street brawl in New Orleans.

Nate Diaz

The incident occurred while Nate was attending the Misfits 6 boxing event, and resulted in his ejection from the venue due to an altercation with reality TV personality Chase DeMoor.

Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul is in shambles right now

Diaz’s involvement in this altercation has raised concerns about his readiness for his upcoming fight with Paul.

After his ejection from the Misfits 6 boxing event, Nate and his group, known as the 209 crew, found themselves embroiled in a violent altercation with members of Chase DeMoor’s entourage on New Orleans’ Bourbon Street.

During the fight, Nate reportedly took down a person who bore a striking resemblance to Logan Paul.

Following the incident, an arrest warrant was issued for Diaz. However, the former UFC fighter eventually turned himself in and was released after posting bond.

Nate Diaz chokes out Rodney Peterson

Diaz has since claimed that his actions were in self-defense. Which may be taken into consideration as the legal proceedings move forward.

When Diaz’s participation in the August boxing match against Jake was put in jeopardy, fellow YouTuber KSI offered to take his place. Initially, Paul appeared to consider the proposal, even suggesting that KSI stay in shape in case he was needed.

Despite the potential setback, it seems that the fight will likely take place. In response to Diaz’s arrest, Paul recently called for his release, indicating that he is still committed to the upcoming bout.

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