Anthony Joshua drops bombshell update on bout vs Deontay Wilder in December leaving fans scratching heads: “I’ll believe it when I see it”

Anthony Joshua planned to take on a more significant opponent this summer after his convincing victory over Jermaine Franklin. However, AJ yesterday revealed that he will face Deontay Wilder in December, which caused some fans to lose their mind in disbelief. 

What did Anthony Joshua have to say about facing Deontay Wilder?

AJ nearly revealed to KayPhysical that Deontay Wilder is the opponent he has in mind for his upcoming fight. The British man disclosed the probable time and place of the battle as well. Joshua claims that in December, he and Bronze Bomber will engage in combat in Saudi Arabia.

“That’s what happening. You know it’s going down. That’s what’s happening. It’s public news, we’re throwing it down in December.” said Joshua. 

How did the fans respond to the news of the Joshua-Wilder fight?

After overcoming Franklin last month, AJ may have returned to the winning ways, but fans had been hoping for a knockout from their favorite boxer. Therefore, the fans were shocked to learn that Joshua would face Wilder next. Boxing fans promptly voiced their opinions on Twitter.

Landon expressed his surprise by saying, “If it happens, I’m stoked. The fight is coming way too late, but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.” 

“Yeah yeah. AJ has absolutely refused to fight Wilder for years. I’ll believe it when they step in the ring and hear the bell.” said Jessiah Cut. 

Another user appreciated AJ for taking the big decision by saying, “Credit where credit is due on this if true. I’ve always admired AJ and his willingness to fight the best. Wilder and Fury will complete the set for Joshua and he can say he fought all the very best of his generation.” 

Mohsin Siddiqi is already super excited for the fight as he said,” Will be a great fight! I hope AJ can find some of his earlier aggression, but either way I think Wilder will stop him at some point.”

” Aj ain’t scared to fight anyone and that’s what makes him a real fighter, win or loose Respect to AJ.” another user commented. 

Craig Williams said,” If aj fights wilder his career is over he has a suspect chin and wilder is going to land and clean him out.”

Winston is already a few steps ahead as he already made some predictions on how the fight will play out as he said, “Joshua’s likely to get dropped 3 times and stopped before rounds 6-8.Once Wilder lands a big right hand on him he’ll back peddle and crumble. In my opinion.”

How do you feel about Anthony Joshua taking on Deontay Wilder in December? Do you believe Joshua’s previous lethal fight temperament is going to return in this fight? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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