Dana White brutally calls out KSI vs Tommy Fury Misfits Boxing PPV numbers: “You’re lying through your f**ing teeth”

In combat sports, the lines between real and fake can sometimes be blurry. UFC president Dana White has never been hesitant about criticizing anyone he believes is bending financial transparency standards. White recently refuted claims by famous fighters that they made tons from the recent boxing event. He called them “liars” for making “startling claims” about their event’s success.

However, it’s true that after getting involved in the promotion for Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, White has a better understanding of how the pay-per-view industry works in the world of combat sports. But fighting communities know boxing has more money than mixed martial arts. Keeping that in mind, Dana didn’t ignore the fact and presented the genuine PPV financial scenario.

Dana White calls out Misfits Boxing PPV numbers

Dana White
Dana White, UFC

Since the year 2018, boxing has grown with the involvement of Logan Paul, KSI, and Jake Paul. The biggest impact on the PPV’s money-making was how these influencers managed to reach their audience.  From YouTube to boxing, this journey influenced many freshmen to follow boxing more often.  During a podcast with FullSend, Dana made a big statement.

“I haven’t heard about anybody selling a lot of pay-per-views lately. Let me tell you how hard it is to sell 1.3 million pay-per-view buys, and if you did sell 1.3 million—if you sold 700,000 pay-per-view buys—they’d put on fights f*** 10 times a year. When you hear those kinds of numbers fly around the pay-per-view world, they’re lying motherf**. Don’t ever believe that s**t.” White responded.

KSI’s manager responds to Dana White accusations

After learning about White’s statement, KSI’s manager responded with heated words through the social media platform X. He confirmed that he knew the real numbers for every event. And claims the PPV’s fact of the prime fight is real.

Earlier UFC president confirmed they will not be hiring Dillion Danis on the basis of PPVs only. Sports have become an economically lucrative sector. Today, athletes are inclined to be involved in various activities, and the KSI manager doesn’t believe it will be difficult for Dillion Danis to draw in attention.

Dana White who is one of the biggest sports promoters and once had friction with Vince McMahon has already tied up with WWE as well. Now he understands what draws audiences to combat sports as there are times when exciting and challenging fights fail to generate substantial revenue.

Professional wrestling events, such as those staged by WWE, on the other hand, have a greater power to draw in the audience. This indicates that the financial success of a combat sports event can be greatly affected by elements other than the mere spectacle of combat.

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