Cody Rhodes labels QT Marshall “pros’ PRO” following his exit from AEW after five years

On November 28, QT Marshall, a former Vice President, Manager of Star Relations, and on-screen star for AEW, announced his resignation from all positions at AEW. He was promoted to Vice President of Show and Creative Coordination last year.

Cody Rhodes and Marshall were friends and a part of production when they were in AEW. Recently, American Nightmare Cody Rhodes, shared a tweet on social media as a response to the exit of QT Marshall from AEW.

QT Marshall resigns from AEW

QT Marshall, whose real name is Michael Cuellari, is an American professional wrestler, trainer, and producer who signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as a performer and executive vice president. Marshall was trained at the Monster Factory and made his professional wrestling debut in 2004.

Along with his wrestling career, Marshall is also the owner of the Nightmare Factory, a wrestling school in Atlanta, Georgia. He has also been involved in production for AEW, and in 2023, he was promoted to executive vice president of the company.

Marshall announced his departure from AEW yesterday. He released a note on social media saying, “Thank You AEW!. Thank You Tony Khan. I’ve had the privilege of being here since day 1 and i’ve written over 750 formats”. He also mentioned “I have officially resigned from AEW and will have fulfilled all obligations by the end of 2023.”

Marshall’s departure from AEW comes as the company is undergoing a period of change. In recent months, AEW has hired several new executives and is reportedly planning to expand its roster. It is unclear what Marshall’s plans are following his departure from AEW. But it is clear that Marshall would join other wrestling companies soon.

Cody Rhodes hails QT Marshall

Cody Rhodes debuted in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on January 2, 2019, during the company’s inaugural event, Double or Nothing. Beyond his in-ring achievements, Rhodes played a significant role in AEW’s growth and development. He served as an executive vice president, providing valuable leadership and contributing to the company’s creative direction.

Rhodes and Marshall were initially friends and allies. They helped to launch AEW and were instrumental in shaping the company’s early success. Marshall was Cody’s assistant and helped him with everything from booking matches to managing his social media.

In response to QT Marshalls departure Rhodes replied “Did the work – was essential in making so many memories for fans & has been so instrumental in helping countless wrestlers. A pros’ PRO. We almost became friends ha. I can’t wait to see what you do next! An OG and outstanding “num 2” through his tenure. Congratulations QT on the run so far”.

Rhodes began to sense that Marshall was somewhat limiting his growth and that he desired greater autonomy. Additionally, he believed that Marshall’s conservative approach to wrestling was inhibiting the expression of creativity. Despite this, Rhodes and Marshall have always maintained a professional relationship. They have consistently collaborated in AEW and have occasionally competed as a team in matches.


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