“Didn’t want to quit on my team” Chargers HC on QB Justin Herbert full time game play vs Jaguars

The Los Angeles Chargers’ quarterback, Justin Herbert, continued to demonstrate why he is a lionhearted warrior. Despite being injured, Herbert demonstrated resiliency by not only starting the game but also finishing it. He was still on the field for the team’s final drive of the game, when Los Angeles was trailing by 28 points with less than two minutes left on the clock. Despite the heroic efforts of Herbert, the Chargers lost against the Jaguars 38-10.

The fact that Herbert played in and finished the entire game despite receiving a painkilling shot is even more surprising. He is the epitome of good sportsmanship. Chris Mortensen of ESPN first reported before the match that Herbert tried a pain reliever injection prior to practice on Thursday.

He was restricted during that period, and Mortensen described the injection’s effects as “mixed.” According to Mortensen, Herbert got an “intercostal nerve block.” This injection is given to a nerve in the chest to “desensitize pain associated with a rib fracture [and]/or cartilage damage.”

As of Sunday, It was still unclear whether Herbert had another injection before the game or was simply playing through the pain. His sloppy movements and stumbles on the field eventually showed how much pain he was still experiencing.

After the game, Chargers head coach Brandon Staley confirmed that it was Herbert’s decision to stay in the game late and that he was determined to play till the last whistle. “There was just that point where he wanted to make sure that he finished with his teammates, it’s hard to explain, but it was important for us to do it. And again, we’re aligned the whole way, and moving forward, we’re gonna keep Justin at the front of all the decisions that we make.” Staley said.

Herbert claimed he intended to continue playing even with the excruciating pain, adding that despite the severe discomfort, he didn’t want to quit. “It’s what the team needs, and sometimes, you have to put your own goals and everything behind the team, and I think that’s what’s most important; I felt like I was safe out there, and I didn’t want to quit on my team,” Herbert said.

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