Donald Cerrone to not to pass his opportunity for a boxing match with “legitimate” Jake Paul

‘Cowboy’ Donald Cerrone may have said his goodbyes to the Octagon following his loss to Jim Miller on UFC 276, but it seems like there is still some fire left inside the MMA veteran. Following an impressive 15-year-long career one would hope that a fighter would get tired at some point. It seems like the point hasn’t arrived for the ‘Cowboy.’

Recently Donal appeared in an interview with Brendan Schaub under his Thiccc Boi Studio banner.

At one point Cerrone started talking about Jake paul and his recent unorthodox boxing phenomena.

Why is Cerrone’s statement significant?

To understand the horrible implications of Donald’s statements, we need to look at Jake’s recent matches. A common and recurring accusation against the younger Paul is how he baits washed-up fighters to take fights in exchange for money and just beats them up to make a statement. Ben Askren in his fight against Jake did not look in shape at all and he was seen smiling and celebrating even after his loss as if he had earned a huge payday!

Anderson Silva was also another former UFC fighter who fought against Jake. Anderson had only one victory in his 2013-2020 run for the UFC. His prime days were very much behind him. Yet he took the fight and got knocked down by a punch that many didn’t even think came in contact with his face.

Now comes Cowboy Cerrone. Following this pattern, we can see that the 39-year-old was on a 7 fight win streak before he decided to hang the gloves off. He has recently come out admitting to steroid use. Now if he fights Jake and gets beaten (which he probably will), the youtube turned boxer will have the bragging rights that he can beat UFC fighters even when they are on steroids.

Also, Donald clearly stated his intentions for wanting this fight when he said, ‘If you want to throw some of that money my way, I’m with you.’

It’s really sad to see such a highly acclaimed UFC fighter go down this way.


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