Al-Nassr “World Cup” clause set to be earned Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi team up

After joining Al-Nassr as a free agent with an incredible salary worth $200 million, Cristiano Ronaldo will reportedly look to help Saudi Arabia win the 2030 World Cup bid by serving as an ambassador.

Lionel Messi accomplished his World Cup dreams, bringing Argentina its third World Cup with a penalty shootout win over France. However, another contentious bid is taking shape in Saudi Arabia, where Messi and Ronaldo may soon share a different trajectory, this time as Saudi sports ambassadors.

Despite the fact that there are many candidates, it is still unclear which nation will host the 2030 FIFA World Cup. The joint bid from the Argentine Football Association and the Uruguayan Football Association was the first to be submitted for the 2030 World Cup. 

The second was donated by the English Football Association with the Portuguese Football Federation and the Royal Spanish Football Federation confirming that the two countries will submit a combined Iberian candidacy to host the World Cup and later Ukrainian Football Association desired to join them.

According to Tourism Minister Ahmed Al Khateeb, Saudi Arabia is now exploring a joint bid with Egypt and Greece to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup in order to reshape the situation, with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo serving as its faces amidst the disagreement between their respective countries.

“We are considering a bid with Greece and Egypt and we wish that it will be a winning bid,” Al-Khateeb said in an interview in Riyadh.

“Definitely the three countries would invest heavily in infrastructure and would definitely be ready. And I know by then Saudi Arabia would have state of the art stadiums and fanzones built.”- he further added.

In May, Messi committed to promoting Saudi Arabia, and within months, the kingdom started making vague references to its 2030 ambition, which is now gaining momentum after Al Nassr recruited one of the greatest Cristiano Ronaldo.

Earlier prior to the World Cup, the two legendary players were seen together at a promotion event for Louis Vuitton. So, promoting an event for the benefit of the game won’t be a problem for the duo.

After a heated debate on the World Cup in Qatar among fans and ex-players, it will be fascinating to see if FIFA allows Saudi Arabia to accomplish their goal. But anything is possible if Ronaldo and Messi are involved is what made Saudi to be hopeful.

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