Everyone stop talking nonsense’ Anderson Silva shuts rigged KO controversy vs Jake Paul, demands rematch

Last October, YouTuber turned pro boxer Jake Paul defeated former UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva.

Many combat sports fans could not accept the legend’s defeat and claimed that the event was rigged in order for the younger Paul to win.

Spider stated during the post-fight press conference that he failed due to poor strategy and that his base was not correct for the fight, and he urged everyone to respect the 26-year-old and demanded a rematch to settle the debt.

“I think it’s very important that people respect the moment — Jake’s moment now. I’m [a] black samurai. I know I lost. I know I failed in my whole strategy, and my opponent win. And I need to respect that. I’m not the same [as] the other guys that fought with Jake. ‘Oh, I need revenge. I need rematch.’ I don’t know. Let’s go see what happens. Maybe, I don’t know.”

In a recent interview with TMZ, the retired Brazilian urged everyone to stop talking nonsense while confirming that Jake Paul won the fight fairly and praising the former Disney star.

“The people don’t give credit to Jake. Jake is a very young guy, he’s very determined and training hard every day.”

“I didn’t have the strategy correct and I lost the fight and that’s amazing because I continue to learn, continue to accept the new technique with my coach, and that’s great.”

In the last part of the interview, the 47-year-old left a heartfelt message for Jake Paul.

“Jake, continue to do your job, bro. You’re doing amazing. I love you!”


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