Ex-Patriots RB Damien Harris reflects on difficult rookie year under Bill Belichick: “My first year, I didn’t play”

The New England Patriots has produced a number of star players throughout the years thanks to a history centered on a potent running game and a winning culture. However, Damien Harris, a gifted running back had frequently found himself ignored amidst the glitz and glamour. Damien believes that his potential was going unrecognized in the Patriots.

Damien Harris gave the impression that he was over the Patriots before joining the Bills, yet that doesn’t mean he has anything but respect for both coaches and players who are still in New England. The seasoned running back conducted his first press conference after formally signing a one-year contract with Buffalo on Monday.

Harris was questioned at one point regarding what it is going to be like to play with his previous team twice in a season. To which Harris replied that it will be exciting to see familiar faces and play with them twice a year.

Harris’ Talent overshadowed by lack of opportunities in Patriots

Damien Harris, who was selected by the New England Patriots in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft, had high hopes upon his arrival. He was hailed as a player who may add a fresh perspective to the Patriots’ offense because of his explosive speed, agility, and powerful running style. Harris appeared to be the ideal fit for Bill Belichick’s system because of his reputation as a diligent worker and team player.

Damien Harris

However, Harris had trouble securing a regular position in the Patriots’ offense since signing with the organization. He was buried on the depth chart in his first season, behind James White and Sony Michel, two seasoned players. He did participate in some activities, but his opportunities were few, and he only made four appearances and 12 carries by the end of the season.

The next season, Harris faced greater difficulties as the Patriots added Rex Burkhead to the backfield, further clogging the pipeline. Even if Michel and Burkhead’s injuries gave Harris the opportunity to play, it was still far from the big role he likely ‘deserved’. With a few exceptional performances, he was able to provide hints of his potential but his output as a whole remained underwhelming.

Harris was expected to have a breakthrough year in 2021. It appeared as though Michel’s move to the Los Angeles Rams had cleared the way for him to take over as the starting running back. But despite his stellar preseason and training camp efforts, he was once again stuck in a time-share position. Damien Harris, a seasoned running back, was added to the mix by the Patriots, which reduced Harris’s role.

Damien Harris finds a new home in Bills

Damien Harris now has the perfect opportunity to hone his abilities and contribute to a team with championship hopes by joining the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are a powerful force in the AFC thanks to their explosive offense, which is directed by quarterback Josh Allen. However, the signing of Harris allays massive worries about their rushing attack’s lack of consistency from the previous season.

Damien Harris

The Buffalo Bills’ thrilling addition of Damien Harris to an already strong offensive lineup is a major development. Harris adds a fresh element to the Bills’ rushing assault with his powerful running skills, adaptability, and potential as a pass-catcher.

Harris’s presence will probably help the Steelers as they work to establish themselves as Super Bowl contenders. Fans of the Bills may anticipate seeing him develop and have an impact on the team in the upcoming season.


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