Falcons QB Kirk Cousins compares his team to Shaquille O’Neal’s Miami Heat era: “I want this to be my final stop”

Kirk Cousins recently signed a lucrative four-year contract worth $180 million with the Atlanta Falcons. In a recent podcast with Shaquille O’Neal, the QB discussed his plans with the team.

Amid the future discussions, Kirk Cousins compared his team to Shaquille O’Neal’s Miami Heat era explaining his career path.

Kirk Cousins compares himself to Shaquille O’Neal

Kirk Cousins appeared on The Big Podcast with Shaq and discussed his future with the Falcons. Cousins is known for making retirement claims that he will retire with his current team every time he joins a new team.

Kirk Cousins
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The quarterback stated once more that he wishes to end his career as a Falcons player. The four-time Pro Bowl pick explained that he didn’t want to pursue the same professional path as Shaq by drawing comparisons between his club and Shaq’s Heat.

“I want this to be my final stop,” Cousins told O’Neal. “I don’t wanna do the deal — no offense, but I don’t wanna go play for the Suns and Celtics at the end. I wanna finish with the Heat, if you will, and be done.”

Kirk Cousins is in the same situation as Shaq was when he signed with the Heat, his third team during his remarkable NBA career. However, after guiding the Heat to a championship,Former NBA player Shaquille O’NealI have played with three more teams, including the Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics.

Kirk Cousins doesn’t want to follow the same path and claimed that the Falcons will be his last team because of his kids.

Kirk Cousins wants his kids to remember him as a Falcon

After spending six years with the Vikings, Kirk Cousins has moved to the Falcons. But this time he is serious about the Falcons being his last team, as the QB recently explained the reason behind this claim. 

Cousins expressed his desire for his young children to remember the Falcons as his final team. He mentioned that his sons won’t remember his time with the Washington team and will barely recall his tenure with the Vikings. However, he wants them to have fond memories of him playing for the Falcons.

“My boys are 6 and 5. They won’t remember that I played in Washington. They will barely remember I played in Minnesota. They’re gonna remember I played for the Falcons.”

Kirk Cousins
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Kirk Cousins emphasized the importance of leaving behind good memories for his children. He believes that how one finishes their career is more memorable than how one starts it.

“And I want those to be good memories. So I feel like this is the stretch I wanna finish strong. People remember how you finish more than you start.”

Despite being a consistent performer throughout his NFL career, Kirk Cousins lacks a deep playoff run. He hopes to change that with the Falcons, as they potentially have the talent to make a strong postseason push, which will surely make his time with the Falcons memorable.

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