Fans believe Darvin Ham picked LeBron James as the GOAT over Michael Jordan just to save his job as Lakers HC

The NBA GOAT debate has been raging on for years and across every generation of NBA greats there have been names that have stood the test of time. From the Lakers showtime era to the modern NBA, the title for the greatest ever had been subject to never waning debates.

Needless to say, Michael Jordan and LeBron James are two such names that top the NBA GOAT debate. In respect to his personal take on the best ever, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham had voiced in favor of LeBron James.

Darvin Ham labels LeBron James as the GOAT

While many basketball fans might prefer Michael Jordan, LA Lakers head coach Darvin Ham firmly believes that LeBron James is the greatest basketball player in history. When a fan asked him about his “GOAT” choice, Ham named LeBron James without hesitation.

Ham responded, “Bron is the GOAT.”

When the Lakers forward broke the scoring record last season, Ham stated that the answer to the GOAT debate should be straightforward and said that the yardstick for who is the greatest between Michael Jordan and LeBron James should be based on longevity aside from winning the NBA championship.

LeBron, who is 38 achieved the title of the NBA’s all-time leading scorer by putting up an impressive 1,590 points in 55 games last season, bringing his career total to 38,652 regular-season points. In the upcoming season, he has a chance to surpass the 40,000-point milestone.

Los Angeles Lakers hired Ham as their coach last season, following their decision to part ways with Frank Vogel, who had led them to an NBA championship during the season played in the bubble.

Fans react to Darvin Ham’s remarks

Following Darvin Ham’s decision to call King James the Goat ahead of Michael Jordan, the HC has attracted severe criticism upon himself. He came under fire from fans who largely consider Michael Jordan as the GOAT.

One fan said, “He getting fired if he doesn’t say that.”

Another fan tweeted, “He was forced to say that or LeGM would have him fired”

Another fan emulated the same as he said with a crying emoji, “I mean he wrong, but he not tryna get fired so I respect it”

Following Hams’ choice of naming his GOAT, most fans believed the Lakers head coach’s decision to name LeBron James ahead of Michael Jordan was biased because they both share something in common. Darvin Ham, who is a former player, remains the head coach of the Lakers, while LeBron is about to kick-start his 21st season in the NBA as he looks to win his 5th NBA ring.

Everyone has the right to name who he thinks is the GOAT. Hence, the GOAT debates still continue as LeBron James looks set to break further records. 

What’s your take on the GOAT debate? Do you think Darvin Ham was really trying to save his job? Share with us below.

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