Green Bay Packers’ defensive coaching staff changes amidst conflicting reports

The Green Bay Packers haven’t really had a season to be proud of. The team needs to take some chances to improve and perform better next season.

However, there are conflicting reports emerging about the contract status of the Green Bay Packers’ defensive staff, creating uncertainty about the team’s future.

Clash of reports on contract status

Reports conflict regarding the contract status of Jeff Hafley’s potential defensive staff since he joined the Green Bay Packers. Thamel, a college football reporter for ESPN, initially reported on Hafley’s hiring. Thamel’s article suggested that the entire Green Bay Packers coaching staff is under contract for the 2024 season.

He added, “Some — or all of [the Packers’ assistant defensive coaches] — could return to work under Hafley.” It implied that firing coaches would require paying out their remaining salary, and some or all of the assistant defensive coaches might return under Hafley.

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However, Tom Silverstein, who covers the Green Bay Packers for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, offered a conflicting perspective. His report stated that head coach Matt LaFleur “has told the assistants they are free to explore other options.”

He suggested the real possibility that the team is considering bringing in external assistants, indicating potential staff changes. He made references to LaFleur’s past decision to bring back the 2020 defensive coaching staff led by Mike Pettine when hiring Joe Barry in 2021.

There is still uncertainty about whether Jeff Hafley will follow a similar approach or opt for new coaching additions for the Green Bay Packers. 

Potential return of familiar faces

Last year, the Packers had five full-time coaching assistants who worked under the previous defensive coordinator, Joe Barry. These assistants include Jerry Montgomery, Jason Rebrovich, Kirk Olivadotti, Greg Williams, and Ryan Downard.

Jerry Montgomery, the defensive line coach and running game coordinator, has been with the Packers since 2015 under previous leadership. If he returns, it would mark his fourth opportunity to work with a different defensive coordinator during his tenure with the franchise.

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Ryan Downard, the defensive backs coach, had previous experience working with Jeff Hafley in Cleveland. This connection increases the likelihood of Downard being considered as one of the more probable coaching candidates for a return to the team under Hafley.

The potential return of Jerry Montgomery is also fairly astounding. Montgomery’s status as the longest-tenured coach in the Green Bay Packers organization increases his chances. 

Till now, nothing has been confirmed but it is evident that the team will make very careful decisions as the team’s future is dependent on them.

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