“He acted like a b***h”: Jake Paul claims Nate Diaz can only talk “sh*t on social media” after first press conference confrontation

For weeks, a good chunk of the combat sports world has been talking about the highly anticipated boxing contest between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz. Paul and Diaz recently engaged in a face-to-face argument during a press conference for their forthcoming boxing contest.

‘The Problem Child’ Paul voiced his surprise and displeasure with Diaz’s calm and courteous approach in an interview after the news conference since he did not anticipate such behavior given Diaz’s history of trash-talking on social media.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul Disappointed by Nate Diaz’s Composed Demeanor: “Acted Like a B**h” Claims YouTube Star, but Is it All Just a Marketing Ploy?

Jake Paul believed that Diaz’s social media persona would translate into an emotionally charged and fiery confrontation during the press conference, but Diaz remained calm and collected. As a result, Jake Paul claimed that Diaz “acted like a b***h” and can only talk “sh*t on social media” but not in person.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that the trash-talking between the two boxers is probably part of a premeditated plan to raise awareness of and promote their approaching battle.

So while there may be some genuine animosity between the two fighters, it’s also possible that their confrontational behavior is part of a larger marketing ploy. The younger Diaz brother seems far away from his days of heated rivalries, which could explain his current state.

The Power of Composure: How Nate Diaz’s Professionalism Stands Out in Contrast to Paul’s Trash-Talking Ways

But Diaz was not the only one who surprised Paul during the press conference. A Betr Media employee, Derek, made a disrespectful comment towards Diaz’s brother, Nick, which the fighter found unprofessional. Diaz remained composed, however, stating that he is a professional athlete and does not engage in fights for clout like young YouTubers.

Despite Diaz’s legal trouble, which caused concerns about the potential cancellation of the boxing match, it seems that the fight will go on as scheduled. Diaz’s recent altercation with a Logan Paul lookalike led to a warrant for his arrest, but the fighter has co-operated with the respective institutions throughout the ordeal.

To put it in perspective, the first press conference between Diaz and Paul was a mixed bag of surprises. Diaz’s calm demeanor caught Paul off guard, while the fighter himself remained professional despite Derek’s disrespectful comment.

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