Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul: UFC legend to be tested for marijuana usage by Texas commission ahead of boxing bout

There is a possibility that the upcoming boxing match of Nate Diaz may be in danger. Diaz is scheduled to have his first fight since departing from the UFC on August 5, where he will take on Jake Paul in a boxing match in Dallas, Texas.

Nate Diaz

During a press conference held on May 9, the Stockton native was discussing steroid tests with the media and made a comment about what might be in his system, “There’s a lot of weed in mine.”

Upon laughing off the comment, Nate was informed by the media that the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation strictly prohibits the use of marijuana. Diaz’s agent stated that they were collaborating with the combat sports commission to address the matter.

“Mr. Diaz will be held to the same rules as everyone else who competes in combative sports events in Texas.”

During the media conversation, Diaz mentioned the possibility of relocating the event to California. It is uncertain if Nate was serious about this proposal. However, a resolution must be reached soon to overcome this issue.

Nate Diaz reveals his love for boxing

Nate opted not to renew his contract with the UFC, as he wished to explore other options. The UFC has regulations that restrict their fighters from competing in other promotions (Unless a special arrangement is reached). Which has prevented Diaz from pursuing a career in professional boxing.

At the press conference with Jake Paul, the Stockton native expressed his desire to enter the sport of boxing.

“I would have been a pro boxer when I was 18 years old but a cage fight came up first so I was stuck in a cage my whole career. There were times when I got locked in a contract right away from the UFC. So I was already locked down from the beginning.”

Diaz’s last fight took place in September 2022, where he emerged victorious over Tony Ferguson, a last-minute replacement, in the main event of UFC 279.

Nate Diaz

Regardless of the outcome of his upcoming bout against Paul, the 38-year-old intends to resume his career in the UFC at some point again and pursue numerous eagerly anticipated matchups, including a third fight with Conor McGregor.

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