UFC legend Nate Diaz shares contract details vs Jake Paul boxing bout, highlighting 50/50 profit split: “No rematch clause”

Nate Diaz is all set to have his first-ever boxing match against Jake Paul, and the venue for the event is the state of Texas. However, there is a catch associated with Diaz’s participation in the upcoming bout. A journalist queried Nate about the possibility of drug testing before his fight with Jake Paul.

Diaz said, “There’s a lot of weed (marijuana) in mine.”

However, a different reporter promptly mentioned the strict no-tolerance stance on marijuana in the state of Texas.

Diaz replied, “Wait! What happened?”

Upon being informed of the drug testing regulations in Texas, the journalists elaborated on the details to Diaz. It is well-known among MMA fans that Nate has a strong affinity for marijuana and has faced multiple suspensions for failed drug tests, as has his brother Nick Diaz.

Nate Diaz

Diaz’s reaction to the news of potential drug testing and suspension is unknown.

Nate said, “Let’s go to California.”

Nate and his love for marijuana

In California, where the Diaz brothers reside, the use of marijuana is not considered a criminal offense. Moreover, the Athletic Commission in California does not punish fighters for using marijuana.

However, the laws are stricter in Texas, where possession of 2 ounces or less of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $2,000 and up to 180 days imprisonment.

With his boxing debut against Paul scheduled in Texas in August, Diaz needs to be cautious. The fight has already faced one cancellation when Diaz attacked a Logan Paul lookalike.

Nate Diaz

If Nate fails the drug test for marijuana metabolites, the fight may be called off. However, Diaz and his team plan to use a loophole in the laws to prevent the fight from being canceled.

Nate, the renowned fighter from Stockton, made headlines when he departed from UFC and became a free agent. It took a while, but he eventually agreed to take on Jake Paul in a boxing match in Texas. Diaz has now shared details about the contract for his debut in the ring, including various clauses and stipulations.

Nate Diaz spills the bean on his contract

After leaving the UFC to test free agency last year, the Stockton superstar Nate has finally signed on to box Jake Paul in Texas. Diaz has now disclosed the details of the contract, including all the clauses, for his upcoming boxing debut.

He said, “No rematch clause. However, if he needs a rematch, we can do a rematch. I ain’t hiding away from nothing. I want a rematch if I lose too. The money needs to be split down the middle with the other guy.” 

Diaz revealed there is no rematch clause in the contract. Both fighters will get a 50-50 cut.

In February, Jake Paul suffered his first loss of his boxing career to Tommy Fury. He is now aiming to recover from the defeat by taking on former UFC superstar Nate. The two will compete in a fight at 185 pounds in August, and fans are eagerly anticipating Diaz’s boxing debut performance.

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