“Only fake news using Leo’s name”: Lionel Messi father Jorge brutally shuts down potential €1 billion, two-year contract speculation with Saudi Arabia

As news of Lionel Messi making a move to Saudi Arabia keep coming up, the player’s father has now brutally shot down the rumors. 

The rumors of the Saudi move have once again reignited after Messi was recently given a two-week suspension by PSG after he missed training.

Saudi club Al-Hilal reportedly provided the Argentine superstar a contract for more than €400 million ($438.2 million) each season, according to renowned football reporter Fabrizio Romano. This offer was made one month ago, though Messi did not respond to it yet. The deal could reach almost one billion dollars throughout the whole contract.

Fabrizio went on to say that Messi’s “priority” was to stay in Europe, that Barcelona was waiting to resolve its Financial Fair Play difficulties before offering for Messi, and that PSG’s approach was rejected because Messi wanted “sporting guarantees.”

Al-Hilal competes in the Saudi Professional League, and if Messi signs, he will be in the same league as Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese is a longtime rival, who joined Al Hilal’s derby rivals Al-Nassr in January.

Ronaldo left Manchester United to join Al Nassr on a two-year contract for more than 200 million euros ($333 million). The contract was a then-record, and it made him the highest-paid player in football.

What did Lionel Messi’s father say?

However, while the media keep reporting that Messi will join Al Hilal, no deal has actually been reached. Lionel Messi’s father and agent Jorge Messi revealed the information in a statement on Tuesday. He confirmed Messi will decide on his future at the end of the season and that all news of an agreement reached was fake.

It read, “There’s absolutely nothing agreed with any club for next season. We will decide at the end of the season. Nothing is signed, agreed, or verbally agreed. Only fake news using Leo’s name.”

Other clubs trying to sign Lionel Messi

The disciplinary suspension makes it much more unlikely that Messi will continue in Paris. Once his two-year contract ends at the conclusion of this season, he can leave for free. Fabrizio Romano even confirmed that Messi has now already decided to leave PSG at the end of the season, having rejected their previous contract renewal offers.

Both MLS club Inter Miami and Barcelona who are the other competitors for Messi cannot give him a high salary. Barcelona are struggling with financial issues and FFP regulations making it extremely difficult for them to sign the veteran. Inter Miami is said to attract Messi through an ownership stake in the MLS club, though that may not be enough.

Lionel Messi hasn’t been his magical best.

The Saudi club remains convinced that their offer will eventually attract Messi to the country. Messi is already a brand ambassador for the country’s tourism industry.

Messi will eventually announce his decision at the end of the season. So where do you think the Argentine superstar will next play? Saudi Arabia, back to Catalonia, or the beaches at Miami? Let us know in the comments down below!

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