Why has Lionel Messi been suspended by PSG? explaining reasons behind it

Lionel Messi is currently serving a suspension period of two weeks by the PSG. Since the footballer was banned from appearing in the games in between the period, the news spread like wildfires creating speculations and anticipations of his next moves as his tenure with PSG is nearing an end.

So, let’s explore what led to Messi’s suspension from PSG and the underlying stories behind it.

Why has Lionel Messi been suspended by PSG?

This professional footballer who plays for Ligue 1 signed a two-year contract with the club Paris Saint-Germain which is about to end this June. On the verge of his last season with the club, the footballer asked for permission to allow him a trip to Saudi Arabia.

Messi is the tourism ambassador of the country and was in need of paying an official visit to the country for business purposes. However, as PSG didn’t allow him permission, he made an unauthorized trip to the country with his family. At this, the PSG authority got upset and suspended Messi for a period of two weeks.

He later issued an apology to the club for his action via an Instagram video.

And the World Cup winner will not participate in any games within the period. During the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner’s visit to Arabia, its tourism minister tweeted a welcome statement saying, ‘I am happy to welcome Messi and his family to Saudi to enjoy the magical tourist destinations and authentic experiences.’

One FIFA official stirred up more fuel to the fire by expressing that the Argentinean player is all set to join Saudi Arabia club Al-Hilal as it offered Messi a lucrative amount of $600 million. On the other hand, some are expecting that Messi might go back to FC Barcelona. Well, only time can tell where the footballer will find his next ground.

As Lionel Messi’s time at PSG is coming to an end with each passing second, the whole world is waiting to see what the footballer’s next move will be in terms of choosing his next club. So, don’t forget to share your anticipations in the comment section on which team Messi might join.

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