Keyshawn Davis slams Anthony Joshua’s promoter for using his name to build hype for Andy Cruz’s pro boxing debut

In the world of combat sports, hype is a major driver. Promoters will say almost anything to get their fighters’ names out there, and occasionally they will even poke at their rivals to get the crowd excited. Eddie Hearn, promoter of heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua, recently took a swing at Top Rank-promoted Keyshawn Davis, saying he wants to match his new signee, Olympic gold medalist Andy Cruz, against him in Cruz’s pro debut in July.

Keyshawn Davis

Keyshawn Davis Calls Out Eddie Hearn for Using His Name to Hype Up Andy Cruz’s Debut Fight

Hearn is confident that Cruz, a light puncher with a style more suited to the amateur ranks, would easily defeat Davis, who boasts an impressive 8-0 record with 6 knockouts. But Davis isn’t buying it. In response, he called out Hearn for using his name to build hype for Cruz’s debut.

“Listen, I’m not worried about Andy Cruz,” Davis said. They can hype up whoever they want. But when we step in that ring, it’s just me and him.”

Cruz has defeated Davis four times in their amateur encounters, winning each occasion. But Davis insists that those fights were boring, with lots of movement and single hit-and-run shots from Cruz. Cruz’s fighting style won’t work in the professional game since, in his perspective, it is more like that of a fencer than a boxer.

“Look, I’m not saying Cruz isn’t talented,” Davis said. “But he’s not on my level. He doesn’t have the power or the skill to keep up with me in the ring. Hearn can talk all he wants, but at the end of the day, he’s just trying to build up his guy’s name by using mine.”

The Power of Hype in Combat Sports: Davis’ Perspective on Proving His Worth in the Ring

Hearn has a reputation for hyping up his fighters and making big promises, but sometimes his predictions fall flat. He recently signed Robeisy Ramirez, another Cuban Olympic gold medalist, but Ramirez has yet to live up to the hype. Davis believes the same will be true of Cruz.

Do you think this matchup will actually take place? Who will you be rooting for? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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