“He knows how to look like a fighter, I don’t know if he knows how to fight like a fighter” HOF trainer takes Jake Paul’s side on boxing bout vs Tommy Fury

Everyone in the boxing world is on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the much-anticipated fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. With only ten days to go until the fight, Teddy Atlas has already declared his support for Jake Paul and spoken out about the upcoming bout.

Both of Jake Paul’s previous fights with Tommy Fury had to be rescheduled, thus a lot of time has elapsed since they were due to fight. Despite this, they are scheduled to fight again in Riyadh on February 26th, which is only ten days away.

Prior to the bout, Teddy offered his opinions on the fight in his podcast. In it, he highlighted why Jake Paul has a better chance of defeating Tommy Fury. According to Teddy, Tommy picked Jake for a reason.

Everyone knows Tommy has come from the Fury family, who has obviously had more experiences and has been around boxing most of his life but even though he knows how to look like a fighter, Teddy doubts if he knows how to fight like a fighter.

“I’m gonna put it in context. Fury is 8-0. The combined records of all of his eight opponents. 24 wins, 176 losses, and five draws. [Paul] said, ‘You’ve fought nothing but taxi drivers!’ I would add something to that, they’re very bad taxi drivers. They don’t even have a license.” said Teddy. 

The Hall of Fame trainer also questioned Tyson Fury’s younger brother’s boxing talents saying Tommy reminds him of a guy who would be hired for TV or a movie to look like a fighter.  According to the American coach, Tommy is not as good as Jake Paul physically but mentally he might be tougher than Jake and this is the reason why Tommy is hoping to beat Jake.

“Right now, with the little bit, I have to work on. I would say maybe [Paul] is, that he’s more determined [and] a little tougher mentally. So, I’m gonna go with what I’ve seen and what I’ve known. So, I don’t care what people think. I’m gonna pick Jake Paul.” Teddy Atlas concluded.

Who do you think will win on February 26 after all the excitement surrounding the showdown between The Problem Child and TNT?


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