How Ahmad Gardner became “Sauce” Gardner? Unveiling the “Sauce” origin

The New York Jets cornerback Ahmad Sauce Gardner stunned the NFL with his game-changing performance during his rookie campaign. Nevertheless, regardless of the player’s performance, the nickname of the player continues to astound NFL fans.

Gardner is always seen proudly stating his nickname, “Sauce,” and he enjoys using it when introducing himself. But for many of us, it is still unknown when and how he came up with the nickname. Let’s explore the fascinating details surrounding the genesis of his nickname.

Ahmad Gardner explained his nickname’s origin

If a person’s nickname is given to them at birth, there is naturally some correlation between it and their habit. However, if a person acquired a nickname as an adult, it is almost certain that the name is related to some aspect of his personality or habit. The thing goes as right for the 22-year-old who got the nickname due to his extreme love for the sauce.

Sauce Gardner Reveals He Keeps Actual Sauce In His Icy Bottle Chain

“I would get like three Sriracha sauces and dip everything in it – my burger, my nuggets and my fries.”

However, Ahmad also included the flow of sauce in his play with a saucy move that led Curtez Harris, one of his youth football coaches, to refer to him as “A1 Sauce Sweet Feet Gardner” and the name was later abbreviated to “Sauce’ relating to his craziness for sauce.

Sauce Gardner sports sauce containing bottle chain

The sauce-lover player wore a diamond hot sauce bottle chain Sauce to the Las Vegas draft in 2022. The fourth-round pick by the Jets revealed to his team owner Woody Johnson that he keeps sauce in his bottle chain according to his preference because it changes every day. 

While he enjoys tasting sweat heat sauce on some days and keeps it in the bottle, on other days it contains BBQ sauce. The following day, depending on his mood, he prefers hot sauce or teriyaki sauce.

Jets Star Rookie Sauce Gardner Gets Custom Diamond Sauce Bottle

“You never know what sauce is in here,” he said. “It could be barbecue sauce one day, little bit of sweet heat sauce the next day, hot sauce the next day, little Teriyaki sauce the day after that. So you never really know.”

Although many NFL players have fascinating nicknames, Sauce Gardner’s stands out as the craziest and best demonstrates the level of infatuation one can have with Sauce.


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