“I am a b***h” Jake Paul makes honest admission after dodging Floyd Mayweather

Jake Paul engaged in a public altercation with Floyd Mayweather Jr, and since then he has been making rounds on the internet. He has told his side of the story and even called out Mayweather for a one-on-one fight.

Taking a U-turn on his belligerent stand, he has now candidly explained that he is not satisfied with how things went down. The YouTuber-turned-boxer said that he felt “like such a b**ch.”

What happened between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather Jr?

The Younger Paul brother attended the game between the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers at the Miami-Dade arena. At the end of the game he ran into Floyd Mayweather Jr. After a seemingly heated argument, Jake fled from the scene in a jiffy.

‘The Problem Child’ later took to Instagram to post his side of the story. He claimed that “Money” tried to “jump on him” with “twenty-five dudes.” The numbers, however, doubled up within a few days. In that video, he claimed that Floyd was holding on to a previous grudge. He urged Floyd to move on with his life. And if things came down to it, the former vine star was up for a fair fight in the ring explaining that he was not dumb enough to further rile up the entourage consisting of fifty guys.

A myriad of netizens called Jake out on the grounds of staging the public feud. Things circulated in a way that the netizens just could not bring themselves to believe that the entire situation happened spontaneously.

TMZ published a video of the entire situation where Jake was seen to be guarded by security. Sensing the gravity of the situation, he was well covered. Despite that, he made a run for it and ran as if his life depended on it.

How does Jake Paul feel about the way he handled the situation?

As things have cooled down, Jake himself believes that he did not handle the situation as he would have liked to. In an attempt of showing candor, he contradicted himself in his own YouTube show BS w/Jake Paul he claimed that Floyd formed a walk of mine people in front of him.

Jake claimed that Floyd was waiting for him with three different groups in three cars. On the other hand, he only had one security guard. Paul raised the question – one to five scenario? He would have gone for it. However, six or above to only one of his guards? He won’t engage.

In view of how things unfolded, he decided to opt out of the clash. Nevertheless, Jake was incensed because he only had one security guard that day whereas he usually went out with three. He went on a rant saying, “I’ve never been caught lacking and I feel like such a b**ch. I am a b**ch.”

The two have a long history of public disputes. In a face-off between Floyd and the elder Paul, Logan, Jake whimsically snatched the baseball cap off Floyd’s head. The young Paul alluded to this particular incident in all of his statements after the recent incident.

Do you want to see Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather take this feud into the ring and fight it out?


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