Jake Paul accused of staging Floyd Mayweather humiliation video for exhibition bout by fans calling him ‘Forrest Gump’

Jake Paul is making headlines yet again, and this time for all the wrong reasons. He reignited a buried bitterness and rekindled his rivalry with Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, the keen followers of the saga have made allegations of Paul staging the public altercation. Some have even left scathing remarks, calling him “Forrest Gump” for running away from the scene with all his might.

Why was Jake Paul trying to run away from Floyd Mayweather Jr.? 

Jake was in the face of Mayweather Jr. when things started to heat up and understandably, Jake Paul was shaken to the core. However, security tried to calm his nerves by forming circles around him.

This is what perplexed most fans since it appeared as though Jake was waiting for Floyd Mayweather and his crew to act all big. And assessing the situation where he seemed to be on the back foot, he immediately decided to stray away from the scene. It almost looked like “Run Forrest, run” was echoing in Jake’s ear.

To add to this controversy, Jake contradicted himself in his public responses to the incident.

Why would Floyd Mayweather be so angry with Jake Paul?

Jake was on the verge of crashing into Floyd right after the game between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers. A seemingly innocuous situation outside the Miami-Dade arena turned out to be a raucous brawl. Jake managed to run out of the scene before things went south.

One of the crew members of Floyd repeatedly urged his team to “bust him up.” On top of that, Mayweather asked the person, who was capturing the fiasco on camera, to stop filming.

Jake addressed all of these and decided to share his side of the story later on social media. He issued an open challenge to “Money” as he touted the scene as an uneven battleground. The younger Paul brother claimed that Floyd Mayweather tried to jump on him with “twenty-five dudes” when he was just trying to enjoy his Wednesday night.

As things cooled down a bit, ‘The Problem Child’ decided to keep the fire alive. He issued a detailed statement and that is where the contradiction starts to kick in.

“The problem child” made a vital accusation towards Floyd Mayweather, saying he is still holding a grudge over that hat-snatching incident. In an exhibition match face-off with his brother Logan Paul, Jake whimsically snatched a baseball cap off Floyd Mayweather’s head out of the blue.

While the younger Paul admits that the act was solely to unsettle Floyd Mayweather, he did not have any intention of malice. This is why Jake failed to understand why someone would still be spiteful of such a petty issue. He urged Floyd Mayweather to let go of the incident, saying “move on bro.”


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