“I Don’t Want Him Profiting” Dustin Poirier Discloses Truth for Denying Colby Covington Fight Offer

Dustin Poirier says he has been rejecting a fight against Colby Covington because he does not want Colby making any money off of him.

Dustin Poirier and Colby Covington go way back. They were teammates at American Top Team (ATT), but they never really saw eye-to-eye. This escalated when Covington started to discredit Poirier after he left ATT. This animosity has carried onto to the UFC, even though they fight in different weight classes. Poirier was the former interim champ in the Lightweight division, whereas Covington was the former interim champion in the Welterweight division.

Poirier has publicly said that he does not like Covington. But in recent time, “Chaos”, has taken things a step further by calling out Poirier multiple times. He has also slated the Louisiana native’s wife, and daughter. Covington has also asked Poirier to go up a weight class and fight against him in the Welterweight division.

But Poirier has rejected the fight multiple times, but has shown some signs of acceptance in recent times. Although no contract has been signed it, the fight just might happen some time soon.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, Poirier answered why he didn’t take the Covington fight, ” I don’t wanna fight the guy; I don’t want him profiting anything off of me.”

But Poirier also mentioned that if there wasn’t any other fight available for him, he would be willing to take the Covington fight, “But if you are not giving me any fight till the end of the year, this is the fight I will have to take,”

Poirier last fought Charles Oliveira for the UFC Lightweight Title. This was his second shot at undisputed glory, but just like his first shot, he tapped out this time as well.

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