“I hate this guy” Kevin Durant admitted hatred toward fellow superstars including Stephen Curry, LeBron James

One of the NBA’s top athletes in the current era is Kevin Durant. The two-time NBA champion is renowned for his merciless style of play as he demonstrates his abilities on both sides of the court. However, Durant was initially regarded as a nice guy in the NBA, with critics claiming that his amiability was the cause of the lack of titles.

But in 2015, Durant made some harsh remarks that might have hinted at a strong disdain for rivals and teammates like LeBron James and Stephen Curry. In a 2015 interview, Kevin Durant said that while he was playing basketball, he changed dramatically. He was not interested in helping his fallen rivals.

The 12-time All-Star claimed that he thought the basketball court was like a battlefield. Durant also admitted that, when he wasn’t on the court, he didn’t watch much basketball. KD also suggested that he did not like other teams or players very much. He felt like watching his opponents’ games was like supporting them. Instead, he hoped that they had a bad game.

Durant said, “Because I’m such a hater! I thought it was a bad trait I had, I was like, Man, am I jealous? Why do I hate this guy? But I hope both the teams lose! That’s how I feel.”

It was shocking to see KD acknowledge that he had no love for his rivals. Moreover, the two-time finals MVP’s remarks may have revealed his attitude toward two of his fiercest league rivals, fellow superstars Stephen Curry and LeBron James.

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