‘I would’ve loved to fight again’ Stipe Miocic claims he wanted Francis Ngannou to stay in UFC to finish their trilogy

Stipe Miocic, who has been Francis Ngannou’s adversary for a long time, has expressed his thoughts since Francis has recently left the UFC, stating that he wishes Francis had stayed to finish their trilogy of bouts.

Heavyweight champion Francis has left the UFC after seven years with the promotion. He has fought 14 times for the organization, winning 12 bouts, and has finally opted to depart as he could not reach an agreement with president Dana White.

Ngannou, who is widely regarded as the most frightening fighter in the history of the UFC, had only lost twice in the preceding seven years, and one of his losses came against Stipe.

Despite Stipe’s victory against Ngannou in UFC220 and subsequent retention of the belt, The Predator was able to exact his vengeance on Stipe in UFC270. Stipe and Francis did not go through with their third fight to finish the trilogy.

However, the Cameroonian-French fighter wanted another three-fight agreement which included a matchup with Stipe, but the UFC did not approve of the offer.

In a conversation with ESPN journalist Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Miocic expressed his regret about the situation, stating that he would have enjoyed a rematch with Francis but that it is unlikely to take place. The 40-year-old fighter thinks that’s unfortunate, but he still wishes the former champion the best of luck.

“I wish he would’ve stayed because I would’ve loved another crack at him. It didn’t pan out that way, but he’s doing what’s best for himself and his family. He thinks that’s the right way to go, and that’s his decision. I wish him nothing but the best and hope it works out.” said Miocic.

It is not clear what comes next for The Predator, but Miocic is eager to regain his title.


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