“Ik kendall mad asl seeing this”: Fans purposefully troll Kendall Jenner after Suns’ star Devin Booker discovered with a new mystery woman

The Phoenix Suns star, Devin Booker, has been out of the limelight for his romantic relationship with gorgeous model Kendall Jenner until their breakup in 2021.

After two years of a wholesome relationship, they parted ways, yet the controversy doesn’t seem to leave them. Kendall was reportedly in a relationship with Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, and recently, Devin had an online clash with the rapper.

Bad Bunny tried to diss the Suns’ shooting guard with one of his songs last month, where he sang, “The sun in Puerto Rico heats up more than the one in Phoenix, and she knows it.” It was a clear indication to the NBA star, and he replied to the rap with an Instagram post.

However, the recent development appeared to be pretty smooth for the three-time all-star, as he posted a TVC on Instagram where he was seen with an attractive lady.


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The fans became overly excited and started to comment on the post, asking about the new mystery woman.

How did the fans react to the post of Devin Booker?

The fans are ecstatic at the new lady in context and are already speculating about the 26-year-old’s relationship with her. One fan commented, “Haha, sorry, um, who is that girl?”

Devin Booker

Another one wrote, “ik kendall mad asl seeing this.”

Devin Booker

“Kendall posting about bad bunny in 3…2….1…..” another fan comment.

Devin Booker

“Don’t date Kendall again. We need you to finish the playoffs and win the championship bro. Stay focused man,” a fan wrote.

Devin Booker

One blamed Jenner for the breakup, saying, “Kendall somewhere punching the air rn realizing she left a real one and chose a man that might end up leaving her for another man.”

Devin Booker is set to face the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday, April 16 in the first round of playoffs.

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