‘‘I’m not wrong’’: Ex-UFC champ Daniel Cormier claps back at haters after receiving heavy backlash for his take on Jim Miller’s HOF induction

Despite criticism from the public, Daniel Cormier persists in calling for Jim Miller’s exclusion from the UFC Hall of Fame. Former UFC two-division champion Daniel “DC” Cormier, who was elected into the UFC Hall of Fame back in the summer of 2022, is opposed to Jim Miller joining the exclusive club since “A-10” hasn’t achieved enough outside of his incredible longevity.

Former two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier. No one else has been able to defeat “DC,” whether it was the famed heavyweight submission artist Frank Mir or the legendary middleweight champion Anderson Silva. 

Daniel Cormier and Jim Miller controversy explained

On paper, he is therefore the best-qualified person to decide who belongs in the UFC Hall of Fame. He is after all a member of the Hall of Fame. Daniel Cormier, the master of wit and one-half of the dynamic DC and RC podcast duo, recently raised an eyebrow and voiced his dissent regarding Jim Miller’s potential induction into the prestigious UFC Hall of Fame.

However, while Cormier is right that a fighter’s accomplishments should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to induct them into the Hall of Fame, he is wrong to oppose Miller’s induction into HOF. Following his statement, angry MMA fans attacked Cormier on social media and demanded a stronger justification from “DC.”

The Olympian has strengthened his stance, suggesting that he will not yield to pressure from his online fans. “I love Jim Miller, I’m not shitting on him but it’s my point of view,” Cormier said. “I stand by it man. People disagree all the time but I’m not wrong.”

“My points are valid as are the ones saying he should get in. As the sport keeps growing these discussions will happen more.”

Cowboy in my opinion shouldn’t be in HOF but I can [understand] the argument for him,” Cormier continued. “He is on a lot of same lists but also spent a lot of time in Top 10 and fought for title. But for me he would have still been a little short.”

Should Jim Miller get into the UFC Hall of Fame?

Jim Miller is a very skilled UFC competitor. The 39-year-old Miller leads all fighters in the promotion’s history in terms of the number of fights (forty-two), victories (twenty-five), and submission attempts (forty-seven). He also maintains a position in the Top 5 for the most performance bonuses (fourteen) and is ranked second in finishes (seventeen) and submission victories (eleven). Miller and fellow lightweight ironman Donald Cerrone are frequently contrasted.

In many aspects, “Cowboy” and “A-10” are closely matched, which is why Cormier thinks Cerrone comes up “just short” of being admitted to the hallowed hall.

Despite heavy criticism from DC, Miller’s entry into the UFC HOF isn’t the consequence of just “time served,” as claimed vehemently by the former double champion.  Aside from having 42 UFC fights under his belt—more than any other fighter in the promotion’s history—”A-10″ also holds several other records.

Daniel Cormier

The 155-pounder, who had previously belonged to Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, another Hall of Famer, earned the record for the promotion’s most victories. Jim Miller now holds the record for the most victories in the lightweight class overall because of that lengthy winning streak.

Additionally, “A-10” only trails former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira in terms of the most finishes ever in the organization, although those victories included a tonne of highlight-reel finishes.

Any of these accomplishments cannot certainly be discounted by Daniel Cormier. If Jim Miller was not the record holder that he is, the former champ’s reservations about his probable entrance into the Hall of Fame would very well be understandable.

No fighter should be admitted to the Hall of Fame merely because they have more fights and more octagon experience than the competition. But with Miller, that’s not the case.


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