Chiefs TE Travis Kelce commits to playing until “wheels fall off” amid NFL retirement speculations

Travis Kelce is on the edge of celebrating his 34th birthday and to him, age is just a number. This professional footballer who is the tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs had a marvelous victory list on his resume.

He is a two times Super Bowl champion, four times First-Team All-Pro, eight times Pro Bowl, and more to name a few. His spirits are as fresh as ever and he is ready to go on for some more years. So, let’s hear out what the footballer has to say regarding his retirement plan.

Travis Kelce weighs in on NFL retirement plan

The TE is moving speedily towards the maturity of a tight end tenure within the NFL but he seems to be unbothered about retirement. So, when he faced the question of putting an end to his tenure, Travis said he wants to play “Until the wheels fall off, baby”.

He added more to the discussion of his retirement plan by saying, “I love this game and I know I’m going to miss it when I’m done playing. I hear you on that and that’s a business decision I’m sure I’ll have to make at some point in my life”.

The Pro Bowl also shares some of his fitness plans that would keep him active for the rest of his career. Moreover, Kelce is focusing on keeping him in shape and controlling his body weight.

To put everything together, it seems the player has developed a never-ending bond with the game and the league. And that affection keeps him going in the field still as a young soul filled with juvenile power.

How many years has Travis played in the NFL?

Travis Kelce is a 2013 NFL draft who was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs as the round three, sixty-three overall pick. He had an active roster for 10 seasons with the Chiefs.

Till now, he achieved 814 catches, 10,344 yards, and 72 touchdowns. His prowess brought him five Pro Bowls and two Super Bowl Championships. Besides he holds the record of most receiving yards for a tight end in a single season with 1,416 yards. Kelce will surely add more to his existing tally as he does not plan to stop anytime soon.

Are you surprised by Travis’s “retirement plans”? If you are what are your thoughts on them? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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