‘I’m still hopeful’’: Jake Paul reveals desire to witness UFC champ Jon Jones vs PFL star Francis Ngannou MMA bout

The matchup between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou was one of the most anticipated heavyweight clashes in recent MMA history which unfortunately never took place. However, Jake Paul is still hopeful that the bout will happen at some point in the future. 

After four months of uncertainty and growing anticipation, Ngannou finally inked a contract with the Professional Fighters League. Jake, who has been associated with PFL since January, seems thrilled to have one of the best heavyweight fighters in today’s generation under his organization. 

The Problem Child expressed his high hopes for a Jones vs Ngannou battle by saying, “Jones & Ngannou are both amazing athletes. But some would have you believe differently depending on what narrative they need to push and who they are negotiating. I’m still hopeful we can find a way to get them in the cage together.” 

Have Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou ever fought in UFC?

The Predator never faced Bones while competing in the UFC. But, from Dana White’s point of view, Ngannou steered clear of the confrontation with Jon Jones. The UFC president and the Cameroonian fighter have shared a fierce icy rivalry on this matter for a long time now. 

Jones was a force to reckon with during his time as a light heavyweight fighter. When Ngannou finally got the golden strap after defeating Stipe Miocic in 2021, Jones wasn’t active in the UFC. In January when Francis left the promotion, Jones finally made his way back into his home organization but had to settle for Cyril Gane as his opponent.

Is Francis Ngannou the biggest signing in PFL history?

The best and biggest signing for the UFC’s rival organization is without a doubt the heavyweight kingpin. Ngannou waited for months before signing a contract because he wanted to cut the deal with a company that would consider all his terms.

The Cameroonian fighter will also play a few significant roles in the organization as per the contract. Francis will hold important positions on the PFL advisory board and serve as the organization’s chairman in Africa. Other than that, all of Ngannou’s fights will ‘reportedly’ take place in the PFL’s super fight pay-per-view division.

Do you see any possibility that in the future Francis Ngannou may fight Jon Jones? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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