“It was a positive, friendly conversation” Ex-NFL star Michael Irvin’s story gets backed by multiple witnesses after woman accused him of misconduct

Michael Irvin was removed from NFL Network’s Super Bowl coverage after a woman accused him of inappropriate behavior in a hotel lobby, but now two alleged witnesses are rushing to his defense.

TMZ Sports reported that a guy from Australia, in Arizona on Thursday, who says he witnessed and listened to the encounter between 56-year-old Irvin and his alleged accuser, was an exchange he described as “positive” and “friendly”.

Watkins claims he was hanging out with his mates outside the hotel where Michael was staying, snapping photographs with the Hall of Famer. As they stepped inside, a lady approached Irvin as he attempted to use the elevator, according to the witness. 

“It was a positive, friendly conversation. They had a brief interaction, it was 30, 40 seconds, he kept his distance at all times, stood about a meter away from her, they ended with a handshake and he literally turned around and went to the lift,” Watkins stated.

A second alleged witness, Bryn Davis from Philadelphia, also echoed Watkins’ story.


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