“It’s all god’s plan”: Roy Jones Jr addresses his fans after disappointing defeat to Anthony Pettis

After a five-year hiatus, Roy Jones Jr. returned to the professional boxing scene. The veteran fighter’s plans, however, were derailed when a rookie boxer handed him his tenth defeat of his pro boxing career.

In the main fight card of Gamebred Boxing 4 on Saturday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Fiserv Forum, Roy Jones Jr. faced off against Anthony Pettis. Anthony had his professional boxing debut, and it couldn’t have gone any better for him as he was handed the victory by a majority decision. Anthony received two judges’ scores of 77-75 and 78-74, while the third official scored them a 76-76.

For the former UFC superstar, it was indeed an ecstatic experience. However, there is always an other side of the coin. As a 54-year-old boxer, who had returned for the love of the sport, Roy’s loss was incredibly painful.

What did Roy Jones Jr say to the fans after suffering the defeat? 

Even though our hearts want to keep on, there are moments when we are forced to end something. It needs to work with athletes who are so devoted to a certain sport that leaving it is really difficult for them.

Jones sought to demonstrate that age is merely a number. He was missing the ring, the environment around the ring, the crowd’s clamor, the feel of the gloves in his hands, and every other aspect of boxing. Sadly, the 54-year-old boxer only second-guessed his choice to make a comeback after the officials announced the decision. 

An amateur fighter like Anthony would absolutely not stand a chance against Roy if it were the 1990s. Everything changes with time, thus at some point in our lives we must surrender everything to God’s plan. The veteran boxer had only one thing to say to his fans who were waiting to witness yet another victory from their favorite boxer. 

“Had a hell of a good time. Just showing people that age ain’t nothing. It’s all about God’s plan.” Roy tweeted.

Do you think Roy should put his gloves away for good at this point? Or do you believe he ought to try again in order to leave the ring on a high note? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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